1. L

    WTB: S15 Spec R

    Hi guys, Currently looking for a S15 Spec R. Will consider any colour, white being my favourite. If possible I would also like the full aero kit. Standard or modded i'm not too fussed, as long as it's been done properly. (This will be a show car not a drift car) I currently have around 10k to...
  2. T

    FS: Chargespeed fibreglass bootlid

    I have for sale a chargespeed fibreglass s15 bootlid. I bought and fitted this when i had the intention of making the car lightweight and adding power, i have since taken a different direction and am making a more comfortable daily so things like amps and speaker systems have been added and as...
  3. dudley97

    were to get the correct pillar mount??

    were can i get a pillar mount for my s15 i can get any to fit properly ??? many thanks dudley97
  4. pegliobaglio

    FS: Dmax style roof spoiler

    I bought this for my car but have decided not to fit it. Looks like it will need a bit of work to make it fit properly Is still bnib sold
  5. J

    more problems :(

    finally got my car back after being in the garage for nearly 2months. drove the car today only up the road and its starting to loose power even when putting my foot on the throttle, i stopped then the whole car turned off. it then took ages to start then died again even when i was trying to rev...
  6. S

    Demister not working properly

    So we removed the a/c unit out of the car and now the front demister dont seem to be working right, there is heat but it just doesnt seem to be going anywhere. Is it blocked or something, or did removing the air condition unit do something?
  7. mook

    I don't think it's VVT rattle...

    Hi guys, Another question for you I'm afraid. Got some noice from the 15 which I originally thought to be VVT rattle, but having seen the vids posted on You Tube and the like relating to it I have to think it's something different. It happens when everything is cold but it's not the deisel...
  8. E

    Part number request: SR20DET full engine gasket kit.

    Hi all, sorry, but I just can't get FAST and Vista to work properly :( :( can someone please help with the part number. cheers Chris
  9. channie

    Anybody notice this????

    Dont know if this has been covered yet or noticed... but looking at the dynamic S15OC banner I observed this.... WTF!!!! Should have probably made sure the steering hub was done up properly!
  10. D

    Manifold and tubby elbow

    Well lads, I was watching these on ebay not that i need them just was curious to see what the would go for.. They started off at .99p and eventually sold for ?75.. Now in my opinion thats a complete steal. Once they would fit properly is the thing. I wouldn't personally use the the gaskets...