1. crazymat666

    Lag or??

    So if I put my foot down slowly it pulls fine but if I go straight down it still goes along but takes a while for the turbo to come in. I'm guessing this is lag? Running around 14 psi and have a big intercooler and hard pipe kit. Am I right? Oh also the turbo is basically a few months old so...
  2. lvaleiron

    High octane for high boost setting, premium for low boost

    So my tuning session is coming and i have a few question for you folks, i have a gas station near my house that sells 100 octane race gas, premium here is 95 octane or so, can i tune with the 100 octane gas let say for 17 psi and if i need to fill the tank with 95 just use a "low boost setting"...
  3. S

    dyno results - not happy?

    hi all got my dyno tune today am not happy with results.. unless was real 'unhappy dyno' ????? :annoyed: my mods follows.. nistune ecu auto bahn 88 fmic 3 inch turbo back exhaust pod filter z32 afm 740 cc nismo injectors hks evc-s ebc walbro fuel pump tomei type s fpr colder spark plugs...
  4. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    what's the go with a +t

    Hey guys my s15's a sr20de+t and I don't know what I can do and what I can't do? since I don't want to stuff my motor and all i'm wondering is it safe or not to have a boost tap and put the boost up to 12ish psi. The previous owner said it was tuned to 6 psi and he was certain but some reason it...
  5. W

    Greddy Profec B Spec 2 - Overboosting???

    Hi guys, recently had my Gredd Profec B 2 Boost Controler installed on my S15, I had a mechanic punch in the settings and I set the limit to 12 PSI, When i take it for a good fang on the straight, it overboosts to 13 - 14 psi??? whys that? I set the limit to 12 PSI for a reason... what could...
  6. M

    boost control issues

    i have a tomei arms b7652 turbo on my s15, . im having a bit of an issue with boost controll. when i turn off my electronic boost controller i am still making 1.1bar of boost by 5000 rpm. with a forge motorsport actuator with 5 - 10 psi spring. i am getting the car mapped next week, so i need...
  7. lvaleiron

    dumb question!

    Guys:D, I'll like to know how much can i boost my car safely. Here's the deal, the mods that i got: Ex. manifold, full exhaust, fmic, 550cc inj and walbro fuel pump. I have the standard ECU and it's running pig rich atm... you guys think i can go to around 13 or 14 psi without a tune? Maybe...
  8. G

    any one had a greddy profec B II die on them?

    hey the last track day i ran noticed i was hitting up around the 19 psi mark (boost is set to 15 psi), and i heard a hiss noise as if i had a slight boost leak after much investigation i figured out that the boost controller stopped making the normal ticking noise the solenoid makes when it...
  9. B

    Boost Gauges

    Hi All looking to replace the standard jap spec boost gauge with something a bit nicer. I am looking to get one in PSI. what have you guys got? If you could post up some pics that would be great! thanks!
  10. B

    Autometer boost gauge possibly faulty

    hey guys/girls, i recently installed an autometre mechanical boost gauge to my s15, and noticed when i give it a fair bit of throttle and build up a boost over 5 psi the needle isnt steady it oscilates too much, the needle actions not smooth and inst steady at all.On idle from cold start, until...
  11. S

    Manual for HKS fcon and evc

    I bought my car with hks fcon and evc installed. The problem is that i dont know how to use them:annoyed: Im not thinking about mapping the fcon, but to understand the display thingy and why it beeps sometimes. And i would like to know how to use the evc, i think its an 4th gen but im not...