1. adzsy

    FS: Air Con Pump / Compressor

    Air Con Pump / Compressor, Removed from my car about 8 years ago in working order and sat on the shelf since. £30 plus delivery. Parts getting rare so may be a good spare for someone. I think I have the hoses too if you need them.
  2. H

    Fuel pump issue

    Looking for some advice. I changed the fuel pump a couple of months back. Ever since then the pump can’t supply fuel the the engine when the gauge shows 1/8th on the fuel gauge. No fuel light shows. Before I changed the pump I could drive till empty and the fuel light would show at around 1/8 on...
  3. H

    Fuel pump fuse location

    Anyone know which fuse is for the fuel pump (I assume it in the drivers footwell?)
  4. R

    Power Steering Pump

    So, after much tinkering I've come to the conclusion that my power steering pump has had it and I need a new one. Sadly finding one is another problem, I do no want an eBay Special and I don't really want to use a second hand one if I can help it. Does anyone know where I might be able to...
  5. F

    What boost can I run?

    Standard turbo blitz filter, down pipe,Walbro fuel pump , grade 7 plugs,fmic, what boost can I safely run? Thanks
  6. FreakensNL

    Nistune tunes SR20DET

    He fellow S15 owners, I've just starting using Nistune and would love to have some comparison material. If you are willing to share please let me know :notworthy: My mods: -Stock turbo (T28BB) -3" Turbo back -Pod filter -FMIC -EBC (17 PSI) -Splitfire coil packs -AEM fuel pump -Iridium 7 plugs...
  7. S

    FS: S15 sr20det engine

    For sale i have a very good condition Sr20det from an s15 which is fitted in my s14, it has an s14 rocker cover so i can run s14 coilpacks. The engine was bought complete with new pistons, rods, springs and valves, 264 cams, and also new oil pump and water pump. i do not have the proof of this...

    HELP? Having a nightmare

    So the car had what seemed like a misfire to me , Was wanting to uprate the coilpacks anyways so fitted new plugs and updarated coilpacks. This did not solve the problem . So I fitted a new Z32 afm , Car then decided it didn't want to start and the fuel pump wasn't priming , Fuel injector...
  9. I

    WTB: Windscreen washer PUMP

    As title I'm after a front windscreen washer pump for my S15 R, I'm sure S15 S will use the same pump but s14a pumps are different. The front screen pump is the right of the two when looking at them on the bottle. Working used pump is fine but if someone with fast can lookup the part number...
  10. S15_SAM

    S15 wouldn't start after filling up with fuel! Because it was water!

    So I filled up my empty tank with super unleaded yesterday! 53 litres! Started the car it died within 5 seconds. Then it just cranks but not fire. So I sit there for alittle just cranking and pumping throttle, then I give up. Double checked I didn't fill with diesel, all ok. So so I pushed...
  11. S

    FS: SR20 det top water neck / Fuel pump

    Water neck for sale without turbo water feed. £20 Fuel pump £20 Weston Super Mare.[/URL][/IMG]
  12. S

    Fuel pump

    Hi all I am in the progress of replacing my pump And just wanted to check that this pump is not already upgraded, any help will be much appreciated. The pump is a Arram 31 9F3A [/URL][/IMG]
  13. jake

    WTB: nissan s15 engine needed

    hi my name is jake I'm looking for an engine for my s15 (sr20 det) I have a gear box and a turbo just need an engine, oil pump and water pump just wondering if any one can help me iv been looking for weeks and keep coming up with dead ends or people asking stupid prices if any one can...
  14. NICKO

    WTB: S15/S14 Standard fuel pump sock/filter

    Im after a standard fuel pump sock/filter for my S15 as the stupid little tea bag filters the aftermarket pumps come with dont sit low enough for my liking :thumbs:
  15. S

    Car wont rev over 6000rpm under load

    Having a niggly problem with my s15 where I cant get over 6k rpm under load. Car gets to around 6k then misfires/feels like it hitting limiter. It then wont rev up for a few seconds after. Any ideas? I've gapped plugs to 0.7mm, tried different coilpacks, checked for boost leaks etc. Going to...
  16. B

    WTB: Spec R fuel pump

    I'm having issues with my Spec S losing power and hesitating when the accelerator is pressed and I'm fairly sure at this stage its the fuel pump, if not then it's another thing off the list of possibilities. So does anybody have a Spec R fuel pump lying around? Somebody who upgraded to a walbro...
  17. Carta

    S15 not starting

    Hey guys, got a strange issue. If you didnt know my ecu was cut out at the docks, well its all been sorted now and the car is working, but I am having a strange issue. If I dont disconnect the battery after I get out of the car, it wont start. The starter motor cranks the car but it wont...
  18. 2fst4u

    Fuel pump rewire opinions

    I suppose this is an electrical question. My mate has an R32 that he modifies heavily and he gave me a suggestion for my new s15 that I should rewire the fuel pump to be constantly on (while the car is on of course) to provide as must pressure as possible to the rail 100% of the time. I've...
  19. rudd-o

    FS: 300ZX MAF *NEW*, S15 OEM Fuel Pump *Used* , Celica ST185 HV Fuel Pump *NEW*

    Oil Pump TOYOTA CELICA 3SGTE ST185 HIGH VOLUME TOGA OPTO25C-HV Nre Unused 80 EUR + Shipping Nissan MAF 300ZX 80mm 22680-30P00 unisia jecs japan New Unused 250 EUR + Shipping OEM FUEL PUMP NISSAN SILVIA S15 SR20DET 17042-AA560 used around 45000km 03/2000 195 lt/h 100 EUR + Shipping
  20. Fruitbooter

    WTB: ABS Pump

    Hi Guys Anyone breaking an S15 or removing ABS and have a spare working ABS pump? Sensors would also be a bonus but not needed.. Cheers!