1. JaseYpk

    WTB: Fan Shroud/Cover (OEM Part)

    The big round lump of black plastic that covers the OEM fan. Mine is all messed up and a bit twisted, still serves its purpose but i'm trying to make my engine bay look pretty. Anyone got one for up grabs? cheers
  2. S

    Yoke spacer??

    Anyone know what this is? I heard J's Racing sell them. I think the purpose is to work as spacer for wheel by packing hub out??
  3. T

    What is this for?

    Right its time to start tidying my car up under the bonnet and cleaning things up a little. There are a few bits I'm not happy with that've been ghetto bodged previously :( But one random thing I came across on my travels is OE fit but I don't know the purpose of it... If you look at the...
  4. mint

    BLITZ SBC i-Color Spec R

    Any of you guys had experience with one of these before? My best friend just got a Greddy Infometer (The new touch screen one) and its pretty good, if not damm fiddly. Im looking at the BLITZ SBC i-Color Spec R. Not just for monitoring purpose but for the boost controller too. As i plan on...
  5. R


    Picture speaks for itself! I think the nails are a good 5cm as the number looks like the kind they screw into the guttering around my area to number houses. Will take it to a tyre shop in the morning to see what they say, I just hope it wasn't setup up by little shits on purpose.