1. F


    Hi all. Recently sold my S14 and bought a grey S15 Spec S. No doubt I'll have some questions at some point and I'll fire up some photos too. I'm from West Sussex, UK. Ryan
  2. Surfing Boris

    Moving to America

    Evening ladies and Gents, I am in the RN and it turns out it is very likely that I might be posted to the States in April. Gutted as I have only had my 15 since August 15!! So I had options, sell it and buy something American once over there. Keep it in the UK somewhere, possibly father in...
  3. J

    FS: Bc valve springs

    Guys after selling the s15 I have these surplus to requirements New and ready to be sent next day delivery. £80 plus postage as they are heavy. Any questions 07575560022
  4. laimis

    FS: S15 windscreen

    Sell S15 new windscreen cost 140GBP, shipping to UK 60GBP. If you have any questions on PM.
  5. N

    Some mad plans from Germany ;)

    Hi there, my Name is Alex and I'm from Germany, near Stuttgart. You may know that city ;) I'm 25 and I already owned a matte black S14 kouki and lastly a Skyline R34 GTT. Sadly the Skyline burned down in a garage fire leaving nothing but the RB25, gearbox and the whole subframe which I'm gonna...
  6. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    questions questions help please

    Ok guys a few things im wanting to know some confusing things with my car. First of all on stone cold start up not all the time but sometimes my fan will come on? very weird not sure why. Second when im low on fuel and my fuel light comes on and i turn a corner i will have no power its like the...
  7. S

    FS: S15 HKS hi-power exhaust

    This came with my S15, its in pretty good condition, it has had the second box removed and replaced with a piece of pipe, looks to be a good job: after £175ONO+ delivery can be collected from manchester or kent any questions just ask
  8. N

    kinda bought a slight lemon!

    Hey guys... so it turns out i bought myself a lemonish car! its not a total loss, just stupid issues that shouldn't come with such a price tag. so i have a few questions to ask 1) what do the standard injectors look like? is there anyway to identify them on the car? 2) i have the worst idle...
  9. 2fst4u

    Boost/Vacuum/hoses questions

    Hey guys, have a few questions that I'm having trouble finding answers to myself: 1. Where is the best place to tee a boost gauge? Before you start with the two-word answers (Intake manifold), I ask this because there are quite a few nipples around that general area. Are any of them more...
  10. R

    Gidday im Ryan with a stock S15 auto turbo

    Nice to find a web site like this hopefully can get some questions answered and find parts while becoming more knowledgeable
  11. S15_SAM

    FS: Ford focus 2002, 1.4 CL, 70k, tax and mot £1850

    Hi guys selling a focus I've got! Any questions then please ask here's the add! 2002 Ford Focus 1.4 CL, 5 door hatch, 70,000miles, mettalic silver - Tax and MOT until end of March 2012. Combined mpg is 42 and motorway is 52mpg. It has Air conditioning, electric windows front, PAS, central...
  12. K

    Hello Everyone

    Hey guys, I just bought an S15. Its an ADM 2002 Spec S GT in Silver. I thought i should join this forum as i've been using it a lot already. I'll make sure i search hard before i ask questions that have already been answered, as i see this is a bit of an issue. No photo of car cos its totally...
  13. Sideways Simon....

    Couple of Clifford alarm questions

    When i bought my s15 it had a clifford alarm in it, its a clifford g5 arrow 5.1 have a few questions... firstly, what does this button do??? and , in my s14a i wired a relay to the standard nats alarm, in order to use the fob to lock the car while the turbo timer was running, so how can i get...
  14. S

    Newbie from Ireland :)

    How are ye lads? Driving a spec s 15 love it to bits have a few bits done I'll get some pics up in awhile :) look forward to annoying ye with all my questions :wack:
  15. L

    Few questions

    Hello, I've only just purchased an S15 and had a few questions. 1. Do all japanese S15s have a rear wind screen wiper? I know that the Australian delivered 200sx did not have a rear wiper, but i thought the jap one did. I ask this because my car is a jap spec but there is no wiper. I'm fairly...
  16. B

    some questions with my s15

    Hi everybody, i just got a s15 last month and i got severao questions with my car 1. i run the dyno and it got 182HP atw at 0.6 boost, is it normal? 2. the modifacation my car got is big front mont, air intake and full exhaust system. the ecu hasn't been changed. so can anybody tell me the...
  17. P

    FS: Not s15 but still for sale

    hi guys and girls i need to get rid of this to make space and i need the money. its a great little car and in great condition. pm me if you have any questions.
  18. M

    A couple of questions

    Im getting an s15 spec r early next year and hopefully you can give me some info on the following questions. 1. does a s15 spec r need to be mapped to run on 95 ron fuel, thats all thats available where i live. 2. How reliable are they? 3. Can the 6 speed gearbox handle much bhp/torque...
  19. Yellow Peril

    Hi S15OC

    Previously on s15oc, have now left RareRims/Rota to follow a dream job so now need another user name - I am sure Julian, Kev or Ben or one of the other guys there will be more than happy to help you out with wheel / Rota related questions and sales on the user...
  20. LuPix_S15

    FS: S15 Stock Injectors

    Hiya, Selling this on behalf of a friend who owns an S14, wanted to upgrade to these S15 injectors but now needs the money for other things (hasn't been fitted to his car) :)...