1. A

    FS: Cusco Adjustable Rear Upper Castor Arms and Rear Toe Control Arms

    Hi guys. I have this brand new set of Cusco arms. Anyone who has lowered their S15 would've noticed the tyre wearing camber you get when doing so. These get your camber sorted with more adjustment. Brand new, never installed. Shipping from New Zealand. I'm after $500 NZD for the set. Will ship...
  2. tooley

    White S15 Leamington

    I was in my R34 Stagea.
  3. T

    Grey s15 at torbay car show

    The grey s15 displayed at the torbay motor show on Saturday next to the s13, white nsx and blue r34 gtt. Anyone on here?
  4. W

    Old owner new member

    Hi guys my names wyn live in aberystwyth in mid wales, had my spec r a few months now, owned a 450bhp r34 gtt and an 400bhp r33 gtst before the s15 but always fancied an s body.
  5. dave_t

    S15 Alloy Dead Pedal/Foot Rest

    Well i have just ordered the R34 GTR/NISMO 380RS Alloy Pedal Set for my S15. Google Pic of Example Fitted Be great for heel-toe :thumbs: Now the R34 Dead Pedal is a different shape to our S15's, so the Alloy Plate will not fit. Does anyone know of an OEM or Aftermarket Alloy Dead Pedal...
  6. sparks

    Respray in s15 pearl or r34 white

    Hey guys my car is in for a full respray and I am thinking of going for a r34 gtr white because of the difficulty of matching the pearl white paint if I need a repair done again. What do ye think,would it be a mistake not going for the original pearl white (wko).
  7. S

    FS: R34 GTR Wheels + NISMO 2way 4.3FD LSD

    R32 GTST 2way NISMO Diff 4.3 Final Drive. I believe it will fit S13/14/15 I haven't researched it fully though. I brought it from Garage Southern Style a few months ago, I've just cleaned it up. £550 posted in the UK. R34 GTR Wheels. 18" 9J et30. I've started to refurb them, tyres are no...
  8. vinnie

    FS: Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Tiptronic 1998

    Well ive not been here for awhile as I did sell my S15 :( I got a DC5 for abit but then changed up for an R34 GTT. My heart was still hurting and so now I want an S15 :p Car was imported by Torque GT. The car was classed as a Grade 4 inside and outside. So its has been under sealed by them...
  9. T

    New From USA future S15 show car

    Whats going on everyone? As the title says I live in America in the great state of Oklahoma. I have decided that I want a new project car and that a S15 or r34 is going to be the one. I honestly like the looks of an S15 more but an r34 is just well an r34. I could use some help with tracking one...
  10. Jay-pan

    WTB: Alloy swap R34 rims

    Anyone interested in a swap with R34 GTR replica alloys, only difference compared to real GTR alloys is the centre cap sits in rather than out. Sit really wide 18x9j in black. I am interested in Rota Grid Drifts or similar in style 18" or what ever you have got let me know. Black or Bronze in...
  11. S

    Search for good quality Pictures of...

    ....of S15 Spec-R with Aero Bodykit! & Skyline R34 GTR Wheels! please dont spam with pics of Silvias without Aero and R34 GTR Wheels, thank you! I am looking 4 Pics with Models or without and not monster tuned.
  12. J

    jadlea's s15 spec R

    Hey guys, new to this forum but here is my current ride. Its an Australian deliverd 2002 s15 spec R. She made 221kw @ 18psi on the last dyno tune. Still have a long way to go but due to my work commitments away, i dont have a lot of time Current mods Engine EMS stinger ECU GT28 71R Turbo &...
  13. lvaleiron

    Help me choose a new color! =)

    Heyo! So i'm going to paint my car because is already on the shop repairing some body damage that the car had when i bought it. Right now is a pewter grey with stock front bumper, crappy oem wheels on it, a nissan r34 gtr fiber glass rear wing and spec r side skirts and rear spats. So...
  14. LuPix_S15

    FS: Nissan Stagea RS (RB25DET) Masa R34 Conversion *FOR SALE*

    Hi all, Just putting feelers out since I absolutely love my Stagea but... I've now decided it's the right time to invest in a dedicated track weapon which will most likely be a Nissan S14a :) This Stagea is very special... even though all Stageas are ultra rare in the UK!. She was freshly...
  15. I

    Need some help!

    Hey everyone, Originally I was after a S15, but sadly count afford to buy one, so got a Skyline R34 GTT. But after checking my monthly bills going out, it seems that a certain insurance had mis-sold me car insurance, so now the Skyline has to go. :( But here is the question. I have been...
  16. sliding-r

    RX-7 vs. R34 vs. Supra vs. S15 Video

  17. I

    Sorry guys...

    ... even though I do really like the S15, I simply cannot afford to get one, just simply the cost of the car. So after doing some research and thinking, I have decided to go for a Skyline R34. :) Thanks for the warm welcome and the offer of meeting up with a member also! Might have to come...
  18. Y

    Hi from Milton Keynes, UK

    Hey all, I've been oooming and ahhing for ages now to decide what RWD car to get that has to have either a turbo, or a V6 engine... that leaves my choices with S15 Spec R Skyline R34 GTT Or (personal fave) Nissan 350Z GT This is coming from a race prepped Honda Integra DC5 Type R owner so...
  19. LuPix_S15

    LuPix's Nissan Stagea RS M-34R *RB25DET*

    Hola :wave: Well as some of you know, with the S15 up for sale (definitely up for sale lol!!) I went up to JM Imports in Newcastle just over a week ago to collect my new car: Nissan Stagea RS :) She's a rare RS version with RB25DET which means RWD instead of AWD something I'm very happy...
  20. I

    S15 brembo problem

    Iv just fitted a set of R34 GTR brembos front and rear with R34 BMC on my S15 iv blead all 4 calipers 3 times and theres no air but my brake pedal is allmost hitting the floor and i have to pump the pedal a few times to get any presure i got no idear whats wrong ? theres no leaks or anything...