1. C

    WTB: wanted origin racing line front bumper

    as the tittle looking for an origin racing line front bumper
  2. C

    New from Australia

    G-day all. As the thread states, if you're new introduce yourself here so HEY :wave: I own a 1999 JDM specR with a 3inch straight through, lowed on MCA Coilover, rolling on Cosmic Racing wheels. I'f you're from Australia let me know, always keen for a cruise if we live near each other haha...
  3. Nissan_S15

    Hi there!

    Hi, My names Ashley. Nice to meet you all. Decided to finally sign up to the S15 owners club today after now owning an S15 for a year and a half lol. Purchased my Nissan silvia s15 type S from SVA Imports in Dover back in May 2011. She's silver with full ballistix aero body kit, racing...
  4. D

    My S15 Spec R

    So i signed up few weeks ago but never got around to posting pics of my s15 so here you go i got it about 3 months ago :D SPEC: *Apexi Ecu with Power fc commander *Rare factory option sunroof/orange gauges *Blitz nur spec 2 exhaust system and bumper heat protector *Tinted side indicators *Apexi...
  5. roachey

    Charlie V10 Dodge Viper power s15

    Hi all, no doubt by now it has been heard that this has happend what i can say is that its true. I David Waterworth am the builder and driver of this car. Ten laps is all that i have driven this car for and what i can say is that i love it, the noise, torque just shear madness of the thing. I...
  6. H

    'Hawks' Coilovers help!!

    Right hi again i got a bit of a shock when i found out that my coilovers arent ina good way. Looking and need to get new ones. Any recomendations? Ive been told that BC Racing Uk do a good set (BR series, type RA) Again any comments would help. Thanks :)
  7. G

    Scorch Racing S15
  8. xlr8

    FS: Nissan S15 silvia spec r

    Here i have another S15 for sale,it belongs to my brother.PM for any questions etc.Thanks *Apexi Ecu with Power fc commander *Rare factory option sunroof/orange gauges *Blitz nur spec 2 exhaust system and bumper heat protector *Tinted...
  9. M

    FS: - SERIOUS WHEELS - ADVAN RACING RS - forged mag alloys - 17x9.5 ET15 / 18x10 ET15 -

    WILL SELL WHEELS FOR £1300 ADVAN Racing RS - forged lightwieght racing wheels RARE and in **** hot sizes fronts 17x9.5J ET15 - 235/45/17 ADVAN NEOVA AD08 fairly new rears 18x10J ET15 - 225/40/18 michelins i think, good tread wheels have a few dings and scratches on the lips, but...
  10. J0R04N

    WTB: S15 Aftermarket Rear Lights

    After some like these from EP Racing I also have standard pair that I could swap/sell.
  11. S

    FS: [Brisbane, Australia] Sold car, leftover parts for sale

    PICKUP ONLY or organise your own courier GOLD COAST Weekends or SUNNYBANK HILLS weekdays Ultra Racing Braces ($300 for BOTH sets)New Details: Both Front Lower and Side Lower braces Nismo Gearbox Mount ($100 ONO)New
  12. Aurora61

    Aurora61's S15 in Japan (with new Tomei M7960 Turbo)

    When I first found this forum, I had a different s15 spec R. Long story short, my friend crashed it driving on one of the mountain passes here in japan. I bought a new one soon after, so im finally posting pics of it after months of modifying. My old S15: New S15: Exterior -Origin...
  13. koullis

    S15 Project almost finished

    Hi, i got my car 2 years ago. It was a standard Spec S. Since then the following mods where done to the car: Engine Je pistons Eagle rods with ARP 2000 studs ACL Race Crank, Rod, Thrust Bearings ARP Head and Main studs Cometic Head Gasket Brian Crower springs, retainers and 264/264 cams Greddy...
  14. S

    FS: Silvia S15 Spec-s

    I have got a fresh Japan imported Silvia Spec-s for sale. Pewter grey. Volk Racing rims. Totally unmessed standard S15.[/IMG] Great base for driftcar.
  15. LuPix_S15

    Racing Mirrors

    Hola :) Does anyone know of a brand or where to get racing style mirrors for the S15 that doesn't cost the best part of £330 before shipping like the ones by Craft Square??!! :wack: I know the CS ones look high quality and loads...
  16. LuPix_S15

    GT Spoiler going, going...

    Guys, I'm thinking recently that the GT spoiler look is getting very tired and fancy a change. Was gonna get new struts made up for the whole thing to sit even higher and go crazy but after seeing Phil's DW S15 up front @ JDM Allstars Manchester I'm in love!!!! :smitten: What you guys...
  17. kimi

    coordsport customer drift car

    Thought i'd share the pictures of one of our customer cars strawberry face silvia 14.5 :D Its been built by Urban Racing for the french drifting and also to use on show stands :cool:
  18. sliding-r

    Coilover Choice

    Hi, can i have some people experience and knowledge of coilovers for the S15? which brands models to go for etc. Prices aswell to give me a idea HSD any good? K sport? BC Racing? Teins? some input would be much appreciated! as i will be looking in the next few months when i can afford...
  19. S

    proud to be a s15 owner

    hey everybody i'm niels from the netherlands since april this year i'm a proud owner of a nissan silvia s15 spec r i imported the car from japan i realy love the car and i'm number 5 in the netherlands there are now 6 nissan s15's in this country but only 3 on the road car spec's uras...
  20. xlr8

    Xlr8's s15 silvia

    said id throw up a few pic's of the silvia.getting a few small bits done to it,so ill put up more when i get a chance. *GP Sports G Four Body Kit (with door to skirt panels included) *D-max rear lip spoiler *Origin rear lights *17" Volk Racing GT - N Split Rims *t288 turbo braided oil...