1. R

    Royal garage

    Hi, Most of you know me by now.. But some don't know i have a business with JDM parts and services. Called Royal Garage. It stemmed from a car club in 2003 which is called Royal Drift. I am located in Newcastle, so its far from most of you. But do try me out for a quote on anything from any...
  2. R


    My names Evan. I am more known for AE86 ownership but i am going to be aquiring a spec s 2001 aussie model very soon BOG STANDARD!! yay For some more info, the blog did an interview with me. check it out here. I run
  3. 2

    200SXY - Perth WA

    As promised, here is some bits and bobs about my ride: Engine Mods ? Racing Gear Power Clutch Disk ? Racing Gear Lightened Flywheel ? CP Forged Pistons ? ARP Main Studs ? ARP Head Studs ? Eagle Forged Rods ? 1.2mm Metal Head Gasket ? Garrett BB GT3540 Turbo ? Tial 44mm Racegate Wastegate...
  4. JEZ 8553

    Live For Speed

    So, does anyone on here play LFS on PC ? If so add me as a buddy... jezperks For anyone that hasnt heard of this game its the most realistic racing/drifting sim out there, making a mockery of Forza and the Gran Tursimo series. Unfortunately they dont have a license for real cars but this...
  5. A

    Drag Racing in Russia, Novgorod

    Last wekeend was Drag racing in Novgorod: Moscow vs S-Petersburg. 10:05am we checked our skyline ecr33 and changed petrol from 95 to 102. (was very dificult after breakfast with vodka)))) I am =) Winner (Unlimited class). Skyline GTR33 Other fotos...
  6. irvs

    street racing

    street racing with a twist. i laughed all the was through was soooo funny:thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:
  7. justin666

    JM Imports - New toys!!!!

    Spoke to Jurgen from JM Imports the other day to get an update on my S15 and during the conversation he mentioned he was bringing in two other S15s aswell... Not your normal ones tho!!!!!!.. Yoshia Factory S15 Drift Car AND...... Friends racing S15 Drift Car Specs as...
  8. S

    All your wheel weight

    Here is a massive texts you can do your finding wallys. :D I thought I would share this and not being selifsh. Here you go and can be made to Sticky I guess. 1 pound -> 0.4535Kg Alphabetical order of brands 5Zigen 5ZR Cast 16(inch)x7(J) 15.7(pound) 5Zigen Copse Cast 17x7 23.0 5Zigen...
  9. D

    car for sale

    I know this came up on topic on either here or sxoc? Is this a certain import company demo car? MODELS: SILVIA SPEC-R TYPES: S15 YEAR: 1999 COLOR: WHITE DISPLACEMENT: 2,200cc(Bore up) TURBO MILEAGE: 20,000km MODIFICATION: HKS 2.2L kit, HKS F-conV pro(gold), HKS EVC PRO(Boostcontroler)...
  10. P

    Thomas (Hunters Friend)

    Hi I'm Thomas from NZ. I was TOLD to join here and put this post by Hunter (S15R) Bastard :p Heres my spec.. Cusco Front/Rear Strut Bar Cusco Front/Rear Sway Bars Cusco Master Cylinder Stopper Cusco Oil Catch Can HKS Hypermax Damper II HKS Superflow Filter DD HKS GT-SS Turbo HKS Actuator...