1. ChrisKnottIns

    UK's car insurance premiums on the rise again.

    UK's car insurance premiums on the rise again. For those interested, here's a copy of an article we wrote for the Saab Owners Club GB magazine in early February about the potential for insurance premium increases across the whole market. "As we move into the year we know that Article 50 will...
  2. I

    Spring rate choice and Front / Rear distribution

    Hello, I'm looking for springs to fit the koni yellow I ordered. (Please no debate on this choice vs coilover, for this budget, I think it's the best solution) I want a setup for road driving, and particularly bumpy roads... And I wonder what to choose... Reading this topic, I think...
  3. V

    Alignment settings for time attack

    Hi guys , Wish there is a track section for discussion . Am having some headaches related to my car behavior as am setting it up for time attack , the tail is too wiggly powering out from a corner and it doesn't feel stable on high speed transitions. Below is the car setup and hope to get...
  4. R

    Turbo water feed

    Hi Guys, Can anyone provide a part number for the water feed from the wtaer pump to the side of the turbo? Mine seems to have cracked and losing water at an alarming rate :( Not sure if it;ll make a difference, but I've one of the early S15 ball bearing turbo's. Cheers guys Russ
  5. J

    New! Team Japspeed Hoodies.

    Hi Guys, We have a fresh batch of our 100% cotton Japspeed branded hoodies in stock now and we thought we’d let you guys have the opportunity to buy them at a reduced rate! These are a great looking hoodie with the Japspeed branding on the front and on the hood itself. The front pocket helps...
  6. T

    DMax carbon door cards

    I just randomly stumbled across these... http://www.dmax-aus.com.au/product_info.php?products_id=129 $750 Australian Dollars... according to googles exchange rate they're £356.44 for the pair... yeah boy! :D
  7. P

    GBP -> JPY Exchange Rate!

    I have just been pricing up a few bits for the S15 and noticed how poor the exchange rate is at the moment! Taken from www.xe.com 1.00 GBP = 159.131 JPY Just to put it in perspective... A 1,700,000 JPY S15 in Japan will now cost you just over £2,000 more compared to the rate at the...
  8. EvilChap

    FS: Recaro Seats

    I have these, was going to fit them to my S14a but sold it and bought an S15 which already has nice seats :) Any use to you guys? Looking around £350 I think, seems to be going rate. I am in Southampton. Cheers Ben
  9. seilow

    s15 spec s rate of co2

    hii someone know the rate of co2 ?? thanks
  10. japmadlad

    flow rate of standard fuel pump

    I remember recently a thread bout the flow rate of the walbro (255lph) and the standard pump (???). Nobody could find a definate figure for the nissan pump. Well I think I have found the answer. 138 Nismo have an uprated pump which they claim pumps 4.1L/min or 246lph. this is a 180% increase...
  11. H

    FS: Items for sale in Norway

    New Greddy Supersuctionkit (S14/15) with Z32LMM 4000 NOK New HKS injectors 555 SR20DET 3500 NOK New PowerFC S15 SR20DET 7000 NOK New Exedy Carbon clutch light flywheel S15 6000 NOK P&P are extra, please work out the exchange rate at www.xe.com Please call on +4795105747 or email...
  12. moomin

    WASTEGATE info please!!!

    hello all, im thinking about buying myself a lovely wastegate! whoop!!!! its a 60mm wastegate, the spring rate is 11.7 & can be adjusted, my first question is about the spring rate, whats it all about??? and what should i aim to have it at, (my car is standard currently) secondly, will it bolt...
  13. D


    Length 31" (600mm) Height 12" (280mm) Thickness 3" (75mm) Inlet 3" Outlet 3" Compress Air Flow Rate <700Cubic Feet/Min, Rated to 600-700 Max HP Working Pressure: 35~40PSI Pressure Drop 2~5psi@35psi; 0.2~0.5psi@15psi Hot Air Temperature 32?F~302?F (0?C~150?C) Material 100% Aluminum...