1. Lloyd_SR20

    FS: Japspeed S15 rear adjustable Camber Arms *Group Buy*

    I am starting a group buy for S15 adjustable rear camber arms. we need a MINIMUM of 5 people. these retail at £125. if we get 5 people for these they can be got for £100, cheap for a set of rear camber arms. this INCLUDES shipping to Republic of Ireland & UK from my door. Please place...
  2. Jaydej

    Rear camber bolts?

    I've been looking around and can only find fronts is there such thing as camber bolt for the rear or do the fronts work on the rear? i could get arms but for what I want the bolts will be the best option for me
  3. G

    FS: Supermade style spoiler & Ganador style door mirrors

    Selling these parts due to want something different. Condition of both overall good. Buyer pays PayPal fees. Looking for £100 + post for the spoiler or px for rear aero spoiler Mirrors £120 + post pm if you're interested, thanks Thanks pm or email me
  4. T

    Anybody have a clue what these are?!?!

    Bought my JDM S15 from Japan and still haven't seen it yet. I just noticed something in the photos that I didn't notice before. Does anybody know what the two things mounted at the top of the rear window are?? I don't think I've seen anything like them here in Canada before. Any info would...
  5. Lanyard

    WTB: Standard Rear Brakes!

    Being messed around by some idiot on DW about sending my z32 rear handbrake mech out and have no standard rear brakes (and thus no handbrake as i'm running R33 Skyline rear brakes) for the MOT!! Don't care about pads or lines, just need some none sticking s14/15 rear brakes ASAP... Like...
  6. S

    FS: Skyline r33 gtst EBC uprated rear discs and yellow stuff pads

    For any of you that may be running R33 rear brake set up Brand new in box drilled and grooved rear discs rear yellow stuff pads £250 for the set
  7. jason'S15

    WTB: Standard S15 rear lights

    I'm looking for a pair of standard rear lights as my S15 thats on its way from japan has some aftermarket ones im not keen on! Cheers Jason
  8. Adam L

    FS: Evo VIII GSR import 500bhp +

    Hi, this is my Evo VIII imported GSR which I've owned for nearly two years. It was previously owned by Gaz at CPP and then sold to one of his customers, who I bought it from. It's had a lot of money spent on it and the spec should reflect this, I have receipts for everything I've purchased for...
  9. dave_t

    FS: S14/S15 Rear Upper Strut Brace (Professionally Polished)

    Item: Having a little clearout and i don't see me fitting this so its up for sale. S14/S15 Rear Upper Strut Brace which i had Professionally Polished, along with my front one, which i am using on the car. Th finish is brilliant, better than OEM by far! Brackets and Hardware in great...
  10. A

    clunk from the left rear

    Recently I started to notice sometimes when I take a left turn or exit a roundabout it sounds like something is tapping the body in the left hand rear of the car loud enough that I can hear it over the exhaust but not really loud At first I thought it was the jack tapping onto the rear quarter...
  11. waterboy

    Failte from Ireland (Waterford)

    Hi Every One! I'm an 38 years old "mechanic", running a small tyre shop but doing almost any jobs on cars, especially on our cars. I'm originally hungarian but living in Ireland, Waterford, so forgive me for my english, try to do my best. I've owned lots of different cars including lots...