1. bzh kevin

    WTB: airbag control unit

    Hi, I am looking for an airbag control module (Part number : 2855685F26) and a set of rear calipers . Thanks
  2. M

    WTB: Rear bumper

    As title I’m after an s15 rear bumper posted to gateshead let me know what you’ve got thanks
  3. willy s15

    FS: volk rays GTN-17

    hey to have a nice set of rims for sale spec is this (2) 17X8 ET 44 (2) 17X9 ET 44 rear is with bigger lips i can ship it anywherre at buyers cost and a pic from my s14 with it...
  4. A

    FS: Cusco Adjustable Rear Upper Castor Arms and Rear Toe Control Arms

    Hi guys. I have this brand new set of Cusco arms. Anyone who has lowered their S15 would've noticed the tyre wearing camber you get when doing so. These get your camber sorted with more adjustment. Brand new, never installed. Shipping from New Zealand. I'm after $500 NZD for the set. Will ship...
  5. A

    Rear brake caliper seal kit

    Hello everyone, I just want to makesure if this Nissan D4ABM-N9528 a correct part number for S15 rear brake caliper seal kit? Thanks
  6. willy s15

    nissan s14 with trans 6speed no work with odomoter

    hello to all i have a little problem with my s14 recently i change 5 speed trans with oem 6sp from s15 is working very good good but it doent work with odometer what i could do to fix it >?? can anyone done the same with me ??? aso i notice the rear end from nissan 350z has some sensor...
  7. P

    Hardware advice

    Just picked my s15 up from the docks and the bumpers have been removed due to ride height but no hardware was kept just wondering what I need to fit bumpers front and rear
  8. T

    WTB: Spoiler

    Looking for a rear wing prefer Aero OEM no Ducktail no GT please offer anything else thank you
  9. C

    S14 rear camber arms fit a s15?

    Just wondering if rear camber arms for a nissan s14 will fit a nissan s15. Cheers
  10. R

    WTB: Aero Bumper and rear pods

    Hey Guys, I know, i know but i am afer an oem bumper with fog light everything and some oem rear pods, colour of both doesnt matter, scratches doesnt matter just shouldnt have cracks
  11. R

    WTB: Oem Rear bumper

    Hey guys, Looking for an oem rear bumper. Should be in good condition, colour doesnt matter but id prefer wv2.
  12. A

    Rear brake caliper seal

    Hi everyone, Do S15 rear brake caliper seal kit compatible/same as S14? I cant find any for S15 only S14 available Thanks
  13. J

    FS: 1999 Spec R for sale White

    Regrettably selling my clean 1999 Spec R, I bought this car as a fresh import last december, and I absolutely love it. It's almost completely original, and I've not had any issues with it. When it was imported it was rust free, and I had it under sealed and a sigma alarm fitted. It recently had...
  14. R

    FS: Nissan Silvia s15 2000 spec R - New Forged Engine Rebuild

    £15,000 - Nissan Silvia S15 2000 Spec R Induction: Apexi power intake Z32 MAF Apex stainless intake pipe Apex stainless hot pipe Apex type 1 FMIC Engine/Fuelling: Rebuild with Forged engine (300 miles) at Bells Auto Services Ropley Re bored and skimmed cylinders with oversized pistons CP...
  15. S

    WTB: Rear Lights

    Anyone selling OEM rear lights or the red and clear 50:50 ones? need to change the horrible lexus style lights on mine
  16. M

    Aero Bumper, Pods and Wing

    Hey guys, got my s15 a few weeks ago and I'm keen to put some aero gear on it! Atm I'm looking to buy a front bumper, rear pods and the aero GT spoiler. I'm based in Australia if that helps! Any ideas on where to start looking would be great! Cheers, Matt
  17. I

    WTB: Rear top mounts from stock suspension

    I'm looking for stock suspension rear topmount assembly, pair. The metal spring platform with any bushes and washers above and below the mount itself
  18. S

    WTB: Rear seat belt bolts.

    Does anyone have a set of rear seat belt bolts for sale? In particular the bolts that attach to the central and rear pillars (B+C pillars)? One has a large spacer on it. I need both the left and right hand sides. Price posted to Buckingham please :) Thanks!
  19. H

    FS: 1999 Origin S15 Spec R

    For Sale is my 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R SR20DET The car looks absolutely outstanding and turns heads wherever it goes. The car runs perfectly and wants for nothing mechanically wise. The car was imported at the beginning of 2018 by JapWestMods but sadly due to a sudden need to move...
  20. S

    WTB: Dmax rear fenders 50mm

    Hi i am looking for dmax 50mm rear fender ki any one got for sale do let me know. New or used doesn't matter. I have been waiting for epracing since last summer but they still didn't got. If any of friend is willing to sell his old 50mm dmax rear fenders plz pm me.