1. S

    FS: OEM Radiator

    Item for sale: Original S15 Radiator Description: Unless it was changed in Japan its done 100k miles, no leaks when I removed from the car and has been stored safely. Reason for sale: I've installed a Koyo so no longer required. Price: £50, no returns. Thanks, Matt.
  2. S

    FS: Splitfire and nismo nob

    Hi all. Got a set of 4 splitfire coils. Bought from an importer no longer trading was promised a full refund but no longer making contact. Reason being the coils have had the bit that bolts them into the rocker removed for some reason so will require some work to get them to fit. Gonna lose...
  3. B

    FS: Aero FRP front bumper

    As title in primer. Has some black paint overspray on it. Never fitted. Collection from Hampshire, can deliver within reason as I commute to North London daily. £280. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. crazymat666

    Car misfiring now and again

    Basically I have replaced the plugs and had the oil and filter all sorted standard service job. Also cleaned the airflow meter and other sensors like I usually do. But for some reason when cruising along it still misses now and again. Any ideas what this could be?
  5. Cess

    Two types of floor mats - what's it all about?

    This is a minor, minor thing. But there are two sets of S15 floor mats available for the S15. These: And these: Any reason behind the differences? Is it different specifications?
  6. S

    Hello From Görlitz/Germany

    Hi, my Name is Ramon and I´m from Görlitz. I´m 25 years old, love cars, snowboarding and cooking. At the Moment i drive a 2005 Honda S2000 but i want to own a S15 this year. Thats the reason why Im here. I´m very interested by this car and want to learn some about it. So thats my hello. I hope...
  7. S

    Quick question about wheels.

    Now I know it's been covered all over the internet which wheels fit s15's but it's all a bit vague so just wanted to get confirmation that some wheels I'm looking at will fit (I appreciate it's not an exact science) They are 18x8 et38 all round, would have preferred 9j on the rears but I can...
  8. J

    WTB: S15 Sideskirts

    As per the title? Looking some standard sideskirts for my spec s. What have you got guys? Colour not important nor is condition (within reason) Please pm or post anything you may have.
  9. Jordan

    FS: Apexi hybrid intercooler Type 2

    It's taken a few stones to the face but on the whole is in good condition, no boost leaks. Worked fine on mine for the past few months but gone over to a type 1 now which is the reason for the sale. Would make a cheap upgrade to a WMIC etc. and uses the 'standard piping route' so no cutting of...
  10. N

    Indicators and hazards don't work any ideas?

    Does anyone know the location of the relay? Or any other reason they don't work?
  11. lvaleiron

    6 speed or 5 speed and why?

    This topic is not discuss why one is better than the other mechanically speaking, is just somewhat for me to try to understand why would anyone who is running under 380 bhp would want to switch to a 5 speed?!?! (i just love my new rebuilded 6 speed that's all:D). The reason i'm asking this is...
  12. Fruitbooter

    Whats up with these discs?

    Trying to fit my bremobs and I just cant get them to fit properly.. I originally thought it was the adaptor as you need to grind the caliper back for it to fit square.. Done that - Not my pik but dont this - Fitted better - But for some reason when you tighten the wheel onto the...
  13. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    what's the go with a +t

    Hey guys my s15's a sr20de+t and I don't know what I can do and what I can't do? since I don't want to stuff my motor and all i'm wondering is it safe or not to have a boost tap and put the boost up to 12ish psi. The previous owner said it was tuned to 6 psi and he was certain but some reason it...
  14. C

    What year is best/worst?

    Hi all, New to the forum and looking for a bit of pre-import advice. In my intro thread I said I'm looking for a 2002 model, but gazing the web I notice there aren't that many. Is there a better year of S15 to go for say 99 or 2000 instead of 01/02? Or is there no real difference in spec...
  15. K

    WTB: s15 front bumper

    a spec r will do the job, closer to kent would be better but willing to travel within reason. thanks konrad
  16. ali619

    Aero bumper

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know about the aero bumpers you get for S15, are they really that hard to get second hand? As I've searched the forum and many members say just buy them brand new as they do not come up for sale but is that true? Reason why I ask is that this is the bumper that I'd...
  17. E

    Does Nistune have its own ignition drivers?

    I have reason to believe that my ECU sometimes doesn't produce proper spark signals. I'm told that the ECU itself contains "ignition/spark driver" which produce the pulses for the plugs. Apparently they're just a transistor or something, and are the first stage before the spark amplifier then...
  18. Suspect

    boost hose sizes?

    Right going to change the boost hoses out for new silicon one just for piece of mind, but cant find what sizes or how much I will need. I'm thinking 3m of 4mm and 6mm for some reason :wack: Is this correct or have I just made that up? Cheers guys
  19. I

    Caliper problem HELP!!!

    I tried to fit a R34 brembo rear caliper on my S15 yesterday. The S15 connecting bolt from the brake line dosent fit into the R34 caliper some reason. it tore the thred right out of the Caliper itself. now i know what ya thinking it must of been a crossthred or something, i can asure you it...
  20. L

    Turbo Actutator Welded?

    Hi guys the manifold gasket blew so i deiceded to take the mani and the turbo out when i took it out i checked that the actuator was welded for some reason, i wanna know why isit welded?? added pics jus to give an idea were its welded :)