1. waggoner

    Possible to use s13 sr20 in a s15

    I have a s15 and the motor has never run properly. From running super rich to stalling out. I can't seem to figure out whats wrong. I've recently found a s13 sr20det for sale and wondering if it would be just a drop in no problem swap. Any help would be awesome thanks.
  2. Unberivable

    Hi from Australia

    Hey all, I'm Sean from australia. I got a jdm spec r s15 recently. Look forward to talking with you all!
  3. trancer96

    New member but long time owner

    Although I've had my S15 for about 8 years (!) somehow I'd never come across s15oc before (and yet the oc for my other car pops up in pretty much every web search I do on it). Anyway I thought I'd register and see what you guys talk about here. I had been using my S15 as a daily driver but that...
  4. B

    New to Silvias!

    Evening guys! I've recently deflected from Honda (I know, I know :P) with my Honda Civic Type R FN2. In replacement is a recently imported S15 (as I'm sure you guessed). I bought it for a pretty decent price considering it's condition! It was imported a year ago this month and had one Japanese...
  5. G

    Speed converter problem

    Recently fitted mph converter, after 50mph the speedo stops working. does anyone know why? helpppp
  6. E

    New Member and Owner from Ireland

    Hey there , new member from Donegal , bought my S15 in May of the previous owner who is also on this forum. I'm in love with the car! Iv no major plans as of yet , just a few minor things so far to make the car my own! recently replaced the wed rims with volk Rays ce28s which are now also for...
  7. Jaydej


    Hey all, my car has recently developed a vibration when I'm in 5th or 6th cgear and slowly climbing between 60-80mph, recently I have fitting 330mm ksports and also new wheels with second hand tyres (my tyre shop said they wheela are fine and have balanced them twice) there is no vibration on...
  8. T

    New Member! hey from vancouver BC canada!

    hey! im from vancouver bc canada! im 23, a mechanic at langley chrysler, and love cars with a passion! have been drag racing casually since i was 16 at the local strip, and just recently last season started drifting on a more competative level! i recently picked up my dream car!... well almost...
  9. S


    Recently i've noticed my s15 making a weird noise on start up. It goes away after i've put it into gear and start to accelerate. I'm positive it's the cambelt but i just need confirmation as i don't want future problems to arise. So i'd like to know is this normal or is there some sort of...
  10. Feast Japan

    Another Silvia, this time S15 / Hybrid

    Hey everyone, been ages since I logged in. Well I sent the black S14 Silvia back to Canada, now with my father and he drives it here and there. Spec very good, quite proud of that build up and not planning on selling it anytime soon...
  11. R

    Extending Positive battery Terminal

    Bought an FMIC recently and a smaller battery, just have noticed the positive terminal from the battery isn't long enough. What's the best way to extend this?
  12. dave_t

    Aero Wipers - Where to buy?

    Wanting to replace my tired oem wiper blades, preferably with the newer 'aero' style ones. anyone bought some recently?
  13. B

    Dead/Sluggish area around 2300rpm. Spec S

    Hi guys. I've been recently experiencing a dead patch in acceleration when then engine is cold on my Spec S. It occurs around 2300rpm. It accelerates fine up to this point but then seems to hesitate and struggle for a second or 2 and then accelerates away fine again after this patch. It hasn't...
  14. Joeh

    Decided to keep it d:

    Hey everyone As you can see I done in a 'spur of the moment' thought I advertised my S15 for sale... anyway it ended on eBay for stupidly low money, I did have some tempting offers from overseas and a few nice PX offers but I've got a new job recently (last week) so rather than...
  15. P


    How do! My names Pez, living in Stafford, I'm a resistance weld engineer... ...and I have no S ...but with any luck it will be on a boat in the next few weeks!! I've always been impressed with 'em, but after many an hour spent on Forza recently I fell in love with the S15 - my Spec S will be...
  16. L

    NA s15 from northern ireland, hi :)

    recently purchased my first s15, and thought id come on here and say hi, so, hi
  17. J0R04N

    Ceramic coating

    I have recently had my manifold and turbo elbow ceramic coated. A friend of mine that owns a Performance exhaust place And has recently started doing it. I can get it done at rock bottom price :) so if anyone fancys it; Manifold; £70 elbow; £30 Please bear in mind that demon tweaks charge £228...
  18. H

    Hello From Perth Australia

    Hi guys, Just want to introduce myself, I current own a ADM S15 with a few mods done to her, the usual front mount, pod filter, full exhaust, cams, aftermarket ECU, boost controller, bigger injectors. Then a set of 19 inch Volk Rims and Greddy coilovers. Just recently I've put a JDM front bar...
  19. J


    Hi guys recently bought a S15 so thought ide get on a forum. recently had hondas, went for the rwd change :D. ive been after one for years now and finally found a good one (fingers crossed) its a 2000, few subtle mods, Tein coilovers,Hks front mount with h/pipes, HKS induction kit, HKS Evo3...
  20. tms15

    hi from Hong Kong

    hello all, I used to have a 240sx with an SR swap back in US and just got a bone stock S15 recently. I will post up my S15 pics soon. :)