1. M

    Anyone know this car?

    Trying to buy a S15 and this popped up, lack of photos and description is a tad worrying. Anyone recognise it?
  2. V

    Suspension identification

    Hi guys, I could do with knowing what suspension my car has got. I can't see any markings anywhere so I thought I'd get some photos and hope someone might recognise them? Front: Rear: Thanks!
  3. pegliobaglio

    Wiiiidddeee blue 15 t***vuk in Hemel

    Saw you earlier car looks amazing ! Confirms I need to go wide, recognise the car but couldn't remember who owns it
  4. K

    What bumper is this?

    Anyone recognise this rear bumper?
  5. 7

    Smoked tail lights

    Hi I have been trying to find out what make my rear lights are but cannot find anywhere.. Anyone recognise them? Uploaded with
  6. D

    lu pix did you know.....

    you're famous on fithgear? lol was just watching this and thought "oh i recognise that plate" 1.12.
  7. S


    Went into the S15 Owners web site and wanted to download FAST...firstly, what is it and why is it that the site would not recognise my name and password??:mad:
  8. C

    Does anyone know Stealth Speed 200sx?

    I was searching the web for silvia boot builds for some inspiration of how to design mine and came across this, does anyone recognise them aas a member?
  9. A

    My S15!

    Thought i should introduce myself now that I have been the proud owner of an S15 for just about a week...:smitten: Here is my ride, some of you may recognise it as previously owned by another member on this forum.. :thumbs: