1. H

    "Trunk release"

    I know I'm kinda stating obvious, but on the back rest of my rear seats there is a small round yellow hole with "trunk release" stamped into it. inside there appears to be a button of sorts which did nothing when pressed (boot was closed at the time) is there meant to be some kind of cable...
  2. cviesins

    Clutch Noise??? PLEASE HELP

    Here is a video of the sound: When I push the clutch pedal in, and release it, there is a "rubbing" noise. When releasing the pedal, it feels very sticky, and is difficult to release smoothly which makes for a jumpy/jerky start. It is an ORC 409 Single Plate Clutch...
  3. Packham

    6 Speed Release Bearing Part Number

    Hi all Just wondering which is the correct one for an s15 6 speed? Thanks :)
  4. L

    FS: For Sale: Works bell quick release boss

    For sale is my works bell quick release steering boss. Great condition and comes with everything pictured excluding nardi wheel ready to fit. £150 posted in UK, open to reasonable offers but these are £280 delivered from frsport...
  5. M

    FS: S15 Exedy Hyper Single Clutch

    Removed from my S15 as it's overkill for my needs. Nearly new friction plate, plus pressure plate, flywheel, release bearing and carrier, and all bolts. £450 Collection from Derby preferred or plus courier fee.
  6. paddyb01

    bonnet release handle

    The plastic handle broke in the 15 anyone know if s14 ones are the same?
  7. J

    FS: OS Giken STR2CD Twin plate clutch and flywheel - Brand new in box

    Selling this as i never got round to fitting it and am now looking to sell my car. The STR range by OS Giken are sold as having an OEM pedal feel while being able to handle 550-600hp Also includes the release bearing £1000 collected from...
  8. B

    WTB: S15 Bonnet release cable and latch mechanism

    As above I'm looking for a bonnet release cable for my S15 with the release mechanism. Or just the cable if anybody has one or knows where they can be got? Same as UK 200sx???
  9. A

    is this release bearing fitted right? plese help !!

    im changing the clutch on the s15 im at the release bearing for the 6 speedbox. i knocked out the old release bearing without giving it much thought, then i put on the new one, where it sits now there is a shoulder but looking at it it looks like it needs to go back on the sleeve further...
  10. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Release bearing repair wtf? need quick replies

    ok ripped gearbox out today changed the release bearing put it back in and its still making the noise wtf wtf.. reply fast please
  11. Y

    WTB: clutch release bearing

    title really says it all, I'm looking for a clutch release bearing. Or if anyone knows a good spot to get one cheers folks.
  12. Y

    Part Number Pllzz!!

    Need part number for clutch release bearing on S15 spec R...cheers guys!!
  13. P

    Release Bearing?

    Oh joy! I think my release bearing is going. Only makes a noise when engaging a gear (by lifting clutch etc) after the car has been stood for while. And you can only really get it to make the noise twice before it goes away completely for the rest of the journey. Dont think it could be...
  14. C

    Favour required

    Can anyone PM me a JDM S15 Spec R chassis code. Need to find out how much a new flywheel is as i can't find a spare and want one for when my clutch is changed , and nissan want the chassis code , and mines not going to help Also can anyone confirm the part number for a release bearing, i used a...
  15. L

    clicking sound from engine bay (clutch??)

    I got clicking sound (like "kan")when release the throttle. Seems from engine bay but... And I've went to see few mechanics to check the all enigne mounts & diff mounts,gearbox mounts,drain& refill diff. All of them are good, now I'm guessing it may be the clutch. Because when the car is cold...