1. A

    Battery relocation

    How easy is it to do, what do you need (any recommended battery cages?) & if you got a garage to do it, what sort of price would it cost + any recommended places that do it? Thanks.
  2. 2fst4u

    2fst4u's sr20det spec S take 2!!!

    Right, build thread time. This is my second spec S with an sr20det swap (same colour and similar body kit too. Creepy). I had to get rid of the last one because I ruined the engine and was in a tricky situation of needing to move cities about 3 times in the upcoming months (I'm in the RNZAF...
  3. 2fst4u

    Oil filter relocation blocks

    Does anyone know of a good oil-filter-end of an oil filter relocation kit? I have the tomei N2 oil block, which has AN fittings so I'm struggling to find the oil filter end of the system that has AN fittings. Gktech does one but they have barbed fittings, one of which is custom length so can't...
  4. Parky

    FS: Oil cooler and filter relocation kit + 480cc Injectors for sale

    I bought this for my S15, went to put it all together to fit it but sheared one of the hose to sandwich plate unions, so never fitted it. (The broken union is on the far right of the pic, the one missing out of the filter relocation plate) It's a 15 row cooler with relocation plate and braided...
  5. adz87kc

    FS: Greddy oil filter relocation kit

  6. subzero

    Installing a Greddy Oil Filer Relocation kit

    just bought one of these, it will be with me this week, didnt bother with the oil cooler kit just the relocation kit, as i dont think i need it and the cost difference is masive, and needed it for hooking up gauge sensors. just wondering has any 1 an engine bay pic so i can get ideas where to...
  7. EvilChap

    FS: Downpipe, elbow, filter relocation

    I have some more bits from my S15 for sale. I couldn't list them until I had posted the last lot... This time I am only ill, and do not have a boatshow getting in the way, so things can be posted quickly and easily :) First of all Stainless Elbow and Flexi-downpipe: £100 together... Or... £50...
  8. JEZ 8553

    Filter for Greddy Relocation Kit...

    Guys, Can anyone confirm if this filter will be okay with the Greddy Relocation kit ? Basically im not sure if the design of the thread hole due to it being concaved will allow enough of the filter to be safely screwed onto the adapter plate or if this is normal for the filter to be like...
  9. 1

    Trust oil-cooler with filter relocation kit - USER

    Anyone use the Trust oil cooler kit with filter relocation? Just wanted to know where the filter is being relocated to.
  10. D

    Oil Cooler question

    A quick question. I want to get a Oil filter relocation kit. I see that places for example driftworks are selling oil coolers with relocation kit incuded. Am i better of going down this route or just get a relocation kit on its own? I d'ont really think i need an oil cooler but it would...