1. O

    WTB: S15 AC condenser

    Hi Guys, As the title says looking for a replacement AC condenser, any has a non leaking one available?
  2. A


    It seems pretty hard to find any information on the S15 alternator & alternatives. There doesn't seem to be an S15 alternators out there to buy. Anyone know if the S14 alternator can be used as a replacement that bolts straight on or not?
  3. F

    WTB: Standard Rear top mount

    Think mines knocking , anyone got a replacement ?
  4. Alex De Large

    WTB: S15 Coilpack

    Hi all, Looking for a replacement coil pack as one of mine has decided to fail. Let me know if you have one for sale.:)
  5. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Rear drivers side seatbelt asap :)

    Accidentally pulled too hard installing baby seat and think ive buggered the spring as seatbelt now wont retract. So looking for replacement asap as i cant take both my little uns out in her now :'( Thank you!!
  6. F

    Oem boost gauge bulb

    Anyone know what kind of bulb it is? Or where I can get a replacement? Thanks
  7. A

    Exhaust hanger rubber mounts

    Anyone know where to get some replacement rubber hangers for the exhaust? tnx
  8. V

    My British S15 Replacement

    I forgot to do this when I actually got the replacement. I sold my S15 in March and replaced it with this! It's a 2010 shape Exige 240s modified to around 290bhp with Ohlins suspension. As much as I loved the S15 this is on another level!
  9. S

    Clutch help again please. Urgent.

    Guys I need your help please. Car is standard apart from induction and turbo back. I've bought a new replacement exedy stage 1 clutch. Car is in the garage and found out the dual mass is in bad shape too and needs replacing. Can anyone point me to a replacement oem or aftermarket dual mass...
  10. oilman

    25% off Fuchs Titan XTL | 1,000's NEW products

    It wouldn't be a Friday without some money saving offers from oilman and his team at Opie Oils. We've got 5 litres of Fuchs Fully Synthetic Engine Oil that meets popular manufacture specifications reduced from £34 to only £25, Free 1 litres of selected Shell Helix Engine Oils giving you a saving...
  11. A

    Greddy temp sensors

    I need to replace my temp sensor in the sump plug but theres 2 to choose from & im not sure which mine is. Theres 2 sensors one says replacement temp sensor & the other is the same but its warn/elec. I...


    Anyone with a 2001 S15 can I have your reg plate number as my window has cracked and need a replacement but don't have regeneration yet! Help me!!
  13. M

    S15 fuel tanks?

    Ive got a small hole in mine after my driveshaft went nuts and ripped into it. Are s14 fuel tanks the same as the 15s as i cant find a replacement anywhere
  14. tooley

    WTB: Passenger front window smashed help :D

    Smashed.......... need a replacement asap! Help
  15. Havoc

    FS: NISMO 555cc Side Feed Injector

    Hello. Right I have 1 brand new spare 555cc Side feed injector for sale if anyone needs it for a replacement. To fit Nissan. SR20DET, RB25DET, VG30DETT £60
  16. dave_t

    WTB: Apexi Cone Filter Replacement

    Need a replacement 'good condition' Apexi Cone Filter, after i had a little mishap with mine. note to self, after cleaning your engine bay - remove the plastic bag protecting your air filter from water BEFORE starting the engine, sucking the air out of the bag & in turn crumpling your mint...
  17. dave_t

    S14 Knock Sensor Loom onto S15?

    Well the cause of my S15 throwing a code 34 - knock sensor fault has proven to be a split knock sensor loom! so i now require a replacement loom. no S15's being broken right now, but there is always S14's about my question is, does it look like this is a direct replacement for the S15? or...
  18. T

    exhaust flexi joint on s15

    Anyone have any idea where i can get a replacement exhaust flexi joint for an S15. Will the S14 one fit?
  19. JaseYpk

    Replacement Fuel Hose

    Does anyone know where i can get a decent quality fuel hose to go from the filter in the engine bay to the regulator. the black hose thats about 6 inches long ;) my rubber one is perishing and i cant seem to find a decent replacement. I contacted SFS and they said silicone is no use. Any ideas?
  20. JaseYpk

    URGENT!! 17mm Bolt for bottom of coilovers??

    Its the single bolt that goes through the bottom of the shocker.. and its stuck to hell. Soaked it in penetrating oil and had an impact gun on it.. no joy as of yet. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? I've done a google and checked ScrewFix, but no joy!! gahhhh. I did find that some...