1. Max

    FS: 2 x aftermarket sumps, replica Aero bumper, carbon heat shield

    Mini garage clearout to raise funds. Greddy replica cast aluminium SR20DET sump. Small leak from one of the through bolt holes. (the one with the red sealant on) Surely can be repaired easily. Sensor and valve not included, 4 x long allen bolts included. £35 posted Canton SR20DET sump. Amazing...
  2. M


    Anyone know where I can get replica spats in the UK?
  3. S

    WTB: Aero front bumper needed ? Replica or oem any...

    Hi as per title need a aero front bumper needed ... Sam liam a guy sold all his replica missed that oppertunity .. any one????
  4. Z

    nismo bodykit replica?

    Hi guys, do anybody know, if it gives a replica of the nismo s15 bodykit? The genuine nismo bodykit is to expensive for me.
  5. S

    FS: Replica aero front bumpers

    I have 2x replica aero front bumpers on there way from Japan! they are made from FRP and don't come with any fog light brackets or fixing points!! these are a great cheap alternative to buying a genuine one from Nissan £250 + UK delivery Due here February And a picture of the exact...
  6. N

    WTB: D-MAX s15 boot spoiler , genuine or replica

    looking for one of these, want it asap!! genuine , replica or damaged ill take this is the spoiler
  7. N

    WTB: s15 AERO front bumper, genuine or replica!!!!

    as above! genuine , replica or damaged ill take it!! pm me or text/ call 0833084001 as i have the cash needed waiting
  8. N

    where can i buy a replica AERO front bumper???

    hey guys, now as we all know the genuine s15 aero front bumper is very rare and expensive to find or buy. i was wondering where can i buy a replica one in the uk or ireland??? i have found plenty in america, but after shipping costs, it all adds up to the same price as a brand new genuine one...
  9. H

    Fibreglass front aero bumper

    Has anyone bought an fitted a replica fibreglass aero bumper. Was wondering how they turn out as i now need a new front bumper!!
  10. A

    FS: S15 aero front bumper - REPLICA

    Hi, I have for sale a replica Aero front bumper made from fibre glass. It is still brand new and is only being sold due to me selling my S15. I'm looking for £380 plus delivery. My number is: 07539 309519.
  11. D

    anyone know this s15

    Reg t527 xbx, pewter s15 white rays/ravs replica wheels, aero spoiler and skirts
  12. B

    FS: Aero Front Bumper For Sale (REPLICA)

    Hi im selling a replica Aero Front bumper i imported from japan, the bumper is made from fibreglass, but is good quality, it dosnt come with fog light brackets or any pre drilled mounting holes but the fixing points are visible, i have one fitted on mine and i am very pleased with it!! As...
  13. kimi

    Fake Rays wheel nuts

    Rays company limited Announcement Our partners, lightweight wheel manufacturer, RAYS have become aware of replicas of their duralumin wheel nut sets. In our blog we highlighted the benefit of strong, lightweight wheels and the problems poor replicas can cause. We recommend that you always...
  14. C

    FS: 'Duraflex' Aero front bumpers (group buy)

    Right then, looks like its time for another groupbuy as the last one went so well, all be it stressful! I've been talking to a guy at a company called 'Extreme Dimensions' in America regarding some Aero replica bumpers they do. Their made of a material called 'Duraflex', which from what I...