1. C

    HKS EIDS Idle Stabaliser

    Hi Guys, Just acquired one of these from the 'for sale' section - anyone have any experience fitting? I'm just waiting on a quote back from a reputable motorsport company near me but if its not way beyond my abilities I wouldn't mind having a go myself? Thanks!
  2. simon

    supercharged altezza for s15?

    i've been offered a supercharged tezza as a straight swap for my s15, can't decide whether to go for it, but i'm really tempted. it looks like a job done well, mapped by a reputable tuner, but value-wise it's very hard to gauge, anyone offer any advice? cheers...
  3. G

    WTB: Rear Aero Spoiler

    looking to get the aero rear spoiler. in white if anyone has one going but doesnt really matter what colour. even if anyone knows of a reputable wesite you can buy one off please let me know! really really want this spoiler!