1. Seal

    WTB: Nissan 200SX S15 Silvia SR20DET Power Steering Reservoir Cap

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for 1 cap from the S15 Silvia Power Steering Reservoir... i loose mine and i can't find one new or used anywhere (Forum, Ebay etc...) Can someone help me please ? In advance, thank you guys ;)
  2. adz87kc

    WTB: BMC reservoir cap

    I need a reservoir cap for a BM57 brake master cylinder. Its around 75mm in diameter and the oem S15 one doesn't fit :/ PM me if you have one spare or know where i can get one. cheers :thumbs:
  3. JaseYpk

    Strange Coolant Leak...

    Yeah, so i've got a coolant leak, that only happens sometimes, and in varying quantities. VERY CONFUSED. i first noticed it a week ago when my reservoir was near enough empty, so i topped it up. and then a few days ago it dropped by about 1cm, so i topped it up. and then again today i saw the...
  4. paddyb01

    power stearing pump help

    has anyone had any bother with the power steering pump mine is foaming at the top of the reservoir and the steering is gone way to heavy