1. - 0h -

    Trip A & B automatically reset itself....

    does anyone have this problem with their S15s?? my Trip A and B always reset themself to 0 while driving... it's not a big deal but i want to know why its doing that.. cheers Oh
  2. B

    Varietta convertible motor problem

    anyone with a varietta???my roof stopped working, the top won't go down, i checked the fuse all good. anyone know how to reset the motor? thank you
  3. E

    Window not coming back up automatically

    My driver's side window got smashed recently then I got it replaced but now it doesn't come back up automatically, it goes down but not up. Did the glass company do something wrong or is there something I have to do to reset the switch?
  4. S15RKM

    Speedo & Rev Counter Needle Drops??

    A couple of times recently my trip distance counter has reset itself to 0, just by chance on my way back from Flame & Thunder it did it again but I noticed that the speedo and rev counter needles dropped then came back again.It does not seem to do any damage or anything other than reset the...
  5. meddler

    reset factory ECU

    I did a search and didn't find anything. I know different cars have an auto learning mode where they adjust the ECU parameters within a small amount to suit your driving style. Do the S15's have this feature? Can the factory ECU be reset back to a standard factory setup?