1. A

    WTB: OEM Blue suede seats.

    lol worth a try but im expecting no result.
  2. T

    My old wheels refurbished

    I bought myself a set of NISMO lmgt2 alloys for my s13 before I had my 15, but never got around to fitted them, but once I had my s15 I decided to fit them. When I bought them they were in their original finish but in bad condition, I drove on them like this for a few years before getting them...
  3. J

    Bentley Continental GTC vs Detailing Jem

    I've been to do a Exterior detail with paint correction on this beautiful Bentley today:thumbs: Wheels had a decent coating of brake dust, but nothing too stubborn: The car was covered in swirls though: And quite a few deeper scratches, but nothing that couldn't be fully removed like...
  4. J

    Detailing Jem - Subaru Legacy

    On Sunday I took a long trip to the other side of the country, very nearly into Wales. It was worth the trip and my customer was very happy with the result. The car looked like it had been cleaned with a broom before hand, all shiny now though :)
  5. JaseYpk

    Oil Sump issues?

    Ok so ive got a slight oil leak which has just started. well, actually i've got two. ones on the bottom pipe on the turbo but that should be a simple fix. the other is 'i think' the oil sump.. If i were to drain the oil, and unbolt the sump, is anything going to fall out and be a pain in the...
  6. C

    Additional advertising requirement

    Please note the following addition to the forum rules.. This new rule will take effect immediately. If there are any problems please contact a member of the admin team. Thank you.
  7. sliding-r

    Look at the Difference an Exhaust can do once mapped!!

    Hi, some of you may know that i had my car mapped about 2 months ago by Steve from FC Tuning. But at the time i had a Greddy system on the car that was designed for a spec-S im leading to believe becaust the exhaust was only 2.5" but after further investigation it would restrict to like an...
  8. LuPix_S15

    Recent carbon mods...

    Just done more bits of 'carbon' modding on the weekend :) Wrapped the door handle trims: Then blanked off stock boost gauge and matt blacked the surround: Set to work on a CF air induction heat-shield as the ones from Japan are (as expected) silly money... Bought an A3 sized...
  9. Topper

    Front Caliper Upgrade

    Well, after having replaced the seals on the front calipers due to them sticking quite badly, they are threatening to stick again :rolleyes:, although rarely and just a tad as apposed to locked on. As a result i'm thinking of changing them, what are my options and prices? I've done a search...
  10. K

    Late night photo shoot

    Decided to get more decent photos of my car, here's the finishing result.