1. D

    S15 SR20DET BlackTop Compression Results

    Hey guys! This is one of my first posts here but I really needed some clear answers. Have tried googling but everyone seems to have red-tops for this. Anyway, I was about to dump some money into my car (front mount, cams, ecu, injectors etc) but decided to do a compression test first to make...
  2. JDM_virgin

    Think I've bought the wrong plugs

    Just bought a set of ngk6IEX's after a thread nicely started had them on there from spark or some website. I was trying to find copper plugs for the sr20 but kept just getting iridium results. Anyway thinking I should have got 7 or 8. Car will be running 300hp when mapped. Should I...
  3. S

    dyno results - not happy?

    hi all got my dyno tune today am not happy with results.. unless was real 'unhappy dyno' ????? :annoyed: my mods follows.. nistune ecu auto bahn 88 fmic 3 inch turbo back exhaust pod filter z32 afm 740 cc nismo injectors hks evc-s ebc walbro fuel pump tomei type s fpr colder spark plugs...
  4. N80Jamie

    FS: Private Registration plate - S15 DET

    This registration will be coming off the silvia in a couple of weeks therefore I will be looking to sell it on! I would hold onto it but I had a private plate bought for me a few years a go from family and im going to put this one on the car. Im not 100% sure on a price as I've had a look at...
  5. V

    mounting defi meters in a/c vent

    Is there any how to here ? i search gauge setup or meter setup with no results. thanks all
  6. S15AK

    My remap S15AK - Steve FC Tuning results

    Hi guys, Just want to post up my thanks for Steve (and bob), for mapping my car last week, was a long day for me 500+ miles with 9hr+ of driving, but well worth it. Very please with the results as we hit over 360bhp :D Steve turned it down a little just to keep it nice and safe, to to be...
  7. JEZ 8553

    My remap results with Steve @ FC-Tuning

    After seeing the results of Steve's wizadry on other S15's and many other different types of car i was keen to get around to getting my car remapped, especially since i wasnt too keen on my current map done by someone else (running too rich for my liking and wanted it done on a RR). Only...
  8. Darren_S15

    Dyno Day Results

    On Saturday I went down to Hayes Engineering in Kent link to have my car mapped by Steve Sadler of FC Tuning link. Ive been slowly changing parts on my car for the last two years and it was finally ready for some real power with the help of a NISTUNE daughter board. Here are some pics of the...
  9. LuPix_S15

    My 15 is ready...

    for some performance tuning under the hood lol!!! Went to WGT in Middlewhich and got Pip Gardner to run his hub-dyno on the Silvia (after sorting out my geometry). 245bhp @ fly - well chuffed with the results :D All curves look good so I guess there's no excuses now to get her up to 300bhp and...
  10. Miss S15

    Find out how much s15oc is worth

    Found this link on another forum I went in and checked what s15oc is worth here's the results:
  11. P

    tuning in ireland

    i want to get the car remapped to get a bit more bhp out of it. but i'm not sure where to go can any irish members recommend any place thats up to the job? i would like it to be rolling roaded as well as this is the only waty to besure of the results