1. Max

    Gearbox reverse sensor wiring

    Hi guys, I'm after an answer from an electrical guru. Now, what I am trying to do is to link in an external AV feed into my double DIN screen at the flicking of a switch. Dash mounted switch, not through the radio. To keep the music on while this video feed is being displayed (HKS CAMP2) I...
  2. C

    L.E.D rear light + fog light

    I'm looking at getting some led rear lights ( probably d-max ). At the moment I've got my fog light in the off side reverse light. Will I be able to carry this over onto the d-max ones?
  3. J

    WTB: OEM S15 Gear Surround and Gaiter

    Looking for the Gear Surround with the lettering of 1-6 and reverse indented in it, do nissan sell the OEM ones still?
  4. Y

    No 5th or Reverse. Please Help

    Hi i just joined today as i hope to get my s15 up and running as things havent being going to well since my purchase.. Ok my problem started when i went to change the gearbox oil..i removed what i thought was the fill bung for filling the oil..instead it was a long bolt about 90-100mm in...
  5. D

    Reverse Light Switch wiring.

    Im looking for a wiring diagram to show how the reverse light gearbox switch and the actual reverse lamps are related. i need to find where the wires go from the reverse light switch?.any help would be great..
  6. S

    Gear problem

    Hey guys, sometimes have a hard time putting the gear stick into 5th gear from 4th, but can find it most times, but if I try to go from 6th back down to 5th, I can never find it and end up having to always to go straight to 4th. when at a standstill, can go through all gears no problem, seems to...
  7. N

    A little help Gear and Baulk Ring Part Numbers?

    Alright chaps, I am in the process of fitting an up rated 409 ORC clutch and removed the 6 speed gear box to be stripped, checked over and cleaned. Then getting the circlip problem fixed and the gear set will be sent off to be Cryogenically Frozen to try and add a bit of strength for it to take...
  8. L

    LED tail lights, reverse light

    Hello, Looking at purchasing some LED tail lights, shown: With those lights, does the reverse light move? As I think that our road rules state that you require a white reverse light to remain legal...
  9. Fruitbooter

    Quick question about jacking the s15 up

    Earlier today I was working on the car and I jacked it up by the diff and put it in reverse and thought nothing more... Now though I can't help but think how it I'm used to fwd cars this is why I put it in reverse when raising the rear but now I'm thinking as it's rwd surly the...
  10. vinnie

    UK rear fog light

    hello all i have just imported an s15 spec s. do i have to put on a rear fog light or can i change one of the rear reverse lights for a red led bulb? thanks in advance
  11. S

    Reverse Light Wiring, Auto to Manual swap

    I've got a 2000 S15 Spec S. I've swapped in an S15 Spec-R motor, and S14 transmission. I've got these plugs left from my automatic transmission wiring. I need to know which one of these I need to wire to my transmission in order to get the reverse lights working. Thanks!
  12. mook

    I don't think it's VVT rattle...

    Hi guys, Another question for you I'm afraid. Got some noice from the 15 which I originally thought to be VVT rattle, but having seen the vids posted on You Tube and the like relating to it I have to think it's something different. It happens when everything is cold but it's not the deisel...
  13. Y

    Gearbox issues

    Hi guys, ever since i bought the car its been difficult to put it in reverse. Does any1 else have this problem? There are times when it just will not go into reverse gear and i have to switch the car off and then put it in gear and then start it again and then reverse!! I think its getting worse...
  14. LuPix_S15

    Rear Fog Light

    Need some help here... One of my reverse lights has been wired up to be a rear fog light. However, the people who did this conversion has left the normal, white reverse light bulb attached so my fog light is glowing as a normal white light?? :wack: Does anyone know where I can get a red...
  15. K


    Hey guys, My friends and I custom made LEDs yesterday to my car and my Wise Square LED lights. Wise Square LED lights After retrofitting LED signal (OFF) + reverse light (ON) After retrofitting LED signal (ON) + reverse light (ON) Night shot Basically we LED the whole...
  16. S

    Vented bonnet

    Do those bonnets with vent really helps for any reason? I know lifted bonnet hinges doesn't work but I heard that reverse vent in the middle helps the temperature down. Any legit source? What about vents on sides? One facing front and the other reverse vent?