1. D

    WTB: S15 screen wash bottle

    Wanted if anyone has one cheers rich
  2. S

    Starkeys S15 WORK Wheel project

    Hi All Im new the forum and S15 ownership (thread also on SXOC so I apolagize for those that may have read this twice). I have had this car for the last 4/5 months after buying it off Driftworks (we purchased another S15 instead of building a new car from this one) Garage Sinister did the...
  3. Tony

    have any of ya S15s racing 402m against BMW M3 343 hp

    Hey guys.. Have a lil question,, How does our Spec-R:s stand against M3 E46 on a 402 race.. and what setup do we need to keep up with them..?? just a lil curious, A rich daddys boy wants to challenge me,, and I dont think I have a chance.... =)
  4. D

    WTB: wanted nice s15 spec r

    sold my silvia s14a and fancy an s15 again if anyone wants to sell I mite be intrested,cheers rich
  5. lvaleiron

    dumb question!

    Guys:D, I'll like to know how much can i boost my car safely. Here's the deal, the mods that i got: Ex. manifold, full exhaust, fmic, 550cc inj and walbro fuel pump. I have the standard ECU and it's running pig rich atm... you guys think i can go to around 13 or 14 psi without a tune? Maybe...
  6. tooley

    Me and richy drifting at pembrey :D

    Vids up soon!! had a wicked day Me blue 15 advans rich blue/whites15 rotas
  7. S

    WTB: 255/35/18

    looking for a toyo t1s 255/35/18 tyre or a pair of 255/35/18 please.. cheers, rich
  8. S

    WTB: Coil Packs

    Need S15 coil packs and the ecu plug on the loom is damaged so need one too ..if anyone can help... thanks in advance guys.. rich
  9. S

    WTB: aero r spec kit

    Just got a S15 varietta totally standard and in need of some side skirts, rear spats and front bumper..cheers Contact me on or pm me please...thanks in advance..:thumbs: Rich...