1. H

    WTB: Original alloy rims Wanted

    Looking for alloy rims S15 Varietta 2000 model anyone ??
  2. S

    FS: apexi coilovers. stock rims

    hey guys. got my coilovers and rims off the silvia for sale. surplus to requirements. coilovers apexi n1 type v, collars free, damping adjustable, some wear to fronts, rears mint, no apparent leaks. £250 ono rims fair condition, yokohama tyres all ok £80 ono DSC_0131 by shifty biscuits, on...
  3. B

    Brakes Upgrade offset query

    Hi All, I am upgrading my brakes to GTR R33 OEM ones on my silvia. I've got a nice set of rims to buy where the offset are front ET33 and rear ET30. Will the brakes fit ? Thanks
  4. A

    French S15 Spec S

    So after introducing myself, I'm introducing to you my S15 Spec S bought in Japan in february. First she was like that : But in France, we have to probate the car following various procedures, very long and very expensive, so I demanded to the japanese guy to keep the 18" rims and to mount...
  5. R-Spec

    FS: S14/S15 200SX fitment wheels - Advan Avs Vs5 Pearl White 5-spoke Rims

    Surplus to my rims requirement. Good condition with a few curb marks. Tyres finished off on track. Currently fitted with 225/45/17 and 255/45/17 (wide rears) Will fit - 215/45 to 235 front - 225/45 to 265 rear They look exactly like these £350ono from Cambridge or Brighton
  6. Nissan_S15

    Silver S15 with black rims in Poole Tuesday morning!!!

    Hi guys, Was on my way to uni on the number 15 bus at 8.30am on Tueday morning just gone, in Poole, when I spotted a silver S15 with aero kit + spoiler and black rims on the opposite side of the road stuck in traffic. Who was this? Didnt know anyone in the Poole/Bournemouth had an S15 as well...
  7. G

    need help with rims

    Hey guys, I would like to get some new rims on my silvia but dont really know much I wanted Rota Grids (Te37s way too expensive) and i want them to sit flush with lots of googling i found the exact look i want (and he is a member here) Darcyjohan, fellow aus Im still tossing up whether i...
  8. Parky

    SSR Koenig rims

    Has anyone got these on their 15, or seen any pics of some on one? I'm just looking for a pic or two if anyone can find any? These:
  9. J

    S15 has new rims, well almost :)

    Loving the white dish :)
  10. C

    FS: Enkie rpf1 for swap or sale. Perfect s15 fitment.

    Fancy some different rims for my 15 so I'm sticking them up, ideally want to swaps, px's but offers around 1100, but I will have to find new rims first. The rims are 18x9 et30 ish falken 452 225/35/18 and 18x9.5 et30ish khumo 255/35/18. idealy I'm after rims in the same size at the front and...
  11. Adam L

    FS: BBS RSII type O 17x9 et20

    I bought these recently for my Evo but it was an impulse thing, and I need to fix a few things on the car rather than buying wheels for it. They really need a refurb to make them look good again, which I fully intended to do. There are marks on the rims and some of the powder coating has been...
  12. O

    Making wheels flush...

    I have some rims i got and need to make them flush. Does anyone know what size spacers i need to bring them out. Im running stock suspension and the rims are 17 x 8j in the front and 18 x 9j in the rear, all with 0 offset. They came off a R33 skyline. I havent rolled my fenders yet but hope to...
  13. S15_SAM

    FS: Work Equips 3 piece alloys, 5x114, 17x8 17x9 et unknown atm, about 35-40

    I've just sold the supra and kept these wheels. They are genuine Work Equips 3 piece split rims, they were perfect fitment for my supra. I will measure the offsets on Monday and update but I would guess they are 35-40 the condition of the actual alloys are good but the paint is flaking on...
  14. H

    Rims an sizes

    Right hi guys, I've just bought Rota force rims at 18 x 9J et 35 al round! There now going bac as I can't get them to fit at all on the front. I've a fairly standard specR with HSD's. Can someone help me with getting the perfect size rim for the fronts?? :s cheers
  15. Chriscooke

    Meet: Rare Rims Open day including arch rolling, Crediton, Devon 29th July. S15oc welcome!!

    Evilchap @ Rare Rims has kindly offered to open up Rare Rims towers again for the sxoc and invited clubs to have a nose around, check out a few of the rims, have a BBQ (sxoc Members eat for free! Non sxoc members will be charged £1 per burger/hotdog) The arch roller will be in use again if you...
  16. A

    Supp! Just another Sydney sider.

    Hey everyone, Names Ahmiie ( army ). Recently became the owner of a relatively stock 00 Silvia SpecR. Took me a while to find the right one but boy is she clean! Just wanted to find a forum where i can ask questions and learn from others with the same car and not have to deal with the others...
  17. H

    Hello From Perth Australia

    Hi guys, Just want to introduce myself, I current own a ADM S15 with a few mods done to her, the usual front mount, pod filter, full exhaust, cams, aftermarket ECU, boost controller, bigger injectors. Then a set of 19 inch Volk Rims and Greddy coilovers. Just recently I've put a JDM front bar...
  18. vinnie

    Vinnie's Spec R Project

    Hey sorry i have not started one of these. Its been just over a year sine i got my S15. Brief history, my mate owns a garage in Japan and so i contacted him in regards to a Silvia. I didn't have the money to get a spec r so i got a spec s instead. It had only one owner and a non-smoker...
  19. S

    FS: S15 Genuine Aero Bar And 17" Nismo Lm-Gt3 Rims

    17" Nismo Lm-Gt3 Rims SOLD
  20. S

    FS: Pair of rota grid drifts 18x10

    Pair of rota grid drift wheels 8x10 5x114.3 et35 The rims are in good condition with the odd scuff mark, stone chips and slight scratches which are shown in the pictures. The inside lip on both rims caught my coilovers after I lowered it, they only just caught but have took the paint off the...