1. dave_t

    WTB: S14/14a shell wanted (rolling)

    As title, Advertising wanted for a friend of mine - need a s14/14a shell, to re-shell his s14 which has sustained damage to the rear quarter. For ease of transport, it must be rolling Must be straight, Minimal rust. ideally with all glass If anybody has one please get in contact with me...
  2. Damos15

    Slider from Down Under

    Hi All, Well i stumbled upon your site through google, and wanted to join as I too have an S15. Well it doesnt look like one at the moment, but it will be back together soon. And before you jump to conclusions, no it was not in an accident. I just decided 2 years ago, to take it off the road...
  3. Chriscooke

    Meet: Invite from SXOC - Rolling Road day in plymouth

    Hi guys. The sxoc would like to invite any locals to our rolling road day in plymouth. Some details below Rolling Road day at Enginetuner (Alan Jeffery's) August 10th, 11am start. Full 4wd DynoDynamics Rolling road - If needed. 2x Runs or "as many as it takes to be sure of a good figure"...
  4. fez06

    arch rolling

    wheres the best place around the midlands for arch rolling? iv heard some places heat up the arches first does this help to protect the paint at all. im very picky so want them to look mint no ripples/ dents etc. cheers john
  5. J

    Arch Rolling

    I live in Northampton, anyone around the MK/Midlands area had arches rolled? Where did you get it done/price/how long it took? I'd like to get it done in a day, like drive there, have it done, drive home the same day, is that possible?
  6. Chriscooke

    Open Event: Sxoc rolling road day. June 9th Plymouth

    Hi guys, hope this is allowed, please feel free to delete if it isn't. If any of you guys from the south west fancy joining the Sxoc for a rolling road day at Alan Jeffries in Plymouth on the 9th of June you are more than welcome :) The cost is £30 for non Sxoc members and that includes 2x...
  7. Nickichi

    Open Event: SXOC Rolling Road Day

    Hey Guys For anyone who's interested and not seen this yet over at SXOC, the Berks & Oxon group are having an RR day in Aldermaston along with a BBQ. Was thinking I wanna get my car checked anyway to see what's happened to the power since last summer and we really didn't have much of a summer...
  8. S

    Hello from America

    Hi all, I'm Steve I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I own a USDM S13 that is mostly stock (yes to include our crappy truck motor that our version of the car got) and found this forum while I was bored searching Google. I'll pretty much just be here looking at pics of cars we can't get easily in...
  9. S

    hi all newbie here

    This is my first post on here and hopefully not the last :) so to get the ball rolling thought id start by coming in here and saying hi.
  10. crazymat666

    Running 15psi at 268bhp without a map

    Right well I got my s15 on the rolling road yesterday she's running just under a bar of boost I have a big front mount intercooler full exhaust system hks sqv blow off valve uprated fuel pump it's fueling completely fine and a blitz filter and it came out at 268bhp the same place who rolling...
  11. G

    WTB: S15 rolling shell

    Lads I'm looking for a rolling shell the more It has on it better I have engine,gearbox,front seats and wheels if needed. Even if crashed pm if you even know where I'd find 1. Cheers
  12. A

    Meet: Surrey Rolling Road Dyno Day - Sat 19th March 2011

    Anyone else interested, I've just signed up:D
  13. LuPix_S15

    JAE & S15OC Rolling Road Video

    Howdy folks :wave: Yes it's another LuVidz Production and ALL of the JAE footage was shot with my iPhone lol :D Yep there's a few bits featuring Craig which I'm sure he'll love me for putting those in hahaha :wave: Titled: JDM Life - there's 3 sections... starting with a glimpse of Gav's...
  14. K

    of all the places for a complete doyle to park...

    Why did it have to be on a hill-not in gear-without his handbrake on fully, infront of MY BEAUTIFUL CAR! I was not impressed to find my S15 stopping this Scoda from rolling down a hill! It hit hard because the alarm had gone off!:down: :annoyed: FUMING! By the way ignore the ride height...
  15. zero260

    Meet: Northwest rolling road event

    Hope no one minds about me posting this up in here but our clubs having a Rolling Road event this Saturday the 19th and there are a few places still available if anyone would like to come. Even if you don't want to put your car on the rollers then come down for a brew or a burger as the butty...
  16. Suspect

    Meet: sxoc meet in essex?

    I would like to know if anyone is going to this? Was thinking of rolling down (work permitting) would be cool to meet some S15 owners.
  17. P

    tuning in ireland

    i want to get the car remapped to get a bit more bhp out of it. but i'm not sure where to go can any irish members recommend any place thats up to the job? i would like it to be rolling roaded as well as this is the only waty to besure of the results
  18. K

    ok she stays!

    following jono's thread of thining about getting a camper van :ghey: and my decision earlier this year to sell my s15 also very much :ghey: ;) i have seen the light and am keeping my car :thumbs: this does however mean i MUST spend more money on it to say sorry to my pretty car for having...