1. I

    WTB: From Canada land, S15 aftermarket goodies

    A bit of a stretch but I'm from Vancouver Canada. S15s are not very common here so if anyone has parts listed, but also willing to ship, that would be fantastic. Lookin for Origin stylish, vertex or dmax type of front bumpers Badass LED tail lights (open to anything except all clear) Vented...
  2. S

    WTB: Wtb: oem spoiler and dmax roof spoiler

    Hi, as per title Looking for s15 oem spoiler.and dmax roof spoiler. Located in northampton if any for sale do let me know. Thanks.
  3. S

    WTB: Dmax 50mm rear fender and dmax roof spoiler.

    Hi as per title i am desperately searching for 50mm dmax fenders and dmax roof spoiler if any one is upto do let me know and any site in uk who's selling these other rhdjapan. Com and frsport and epracing. Japanese site sellingbit shipping so expensive...
  4. O

    trouble with my roof!

    Hi there, I have a Nissan varietta with a non working roof! I'm really struggling to find a wiring diagram for this in English.. Can anyone help me...thanks in advance :)
  5. D

    Head room measurement

    After a quick favour from someone with a non-sunroof S15 if anybody could help please? All I need to know is the height from the trans tunnel, between the centre console and the rear seat up to the roof liner. On my sun roof car it measures 785mm, but I need to know what a standard car is so I...
  6. Surfing Boris

    body kits and roof bars!!

    Hi guys, Need some advice please, I am looking to be an S15 Spec R owner in the very near future and hoping to import a nice red example. I wanted to know how easy it is to buy aftermarket body kits, tail lights and headlights and buying them new. I have seen a lot of wanted threads for...
  7. S

    WTB: D-max roof wing/spoiler needed..

    Hi any one in uk selling d-max roof spoiler as shown in below link..
  8. s15Irl

    Anyone have..

    Is there anyone out there with either an origin or dmax roof spoiler with OEM spoiler? Im in 2 minds about combining an origin roof spoiler with the OEM spoiler... Also should i spray it blue like my car? Leave it black? Or go carbon fibre? all opinions welcome and some pictures would be...
  9. Parky

    Anyone identify this spoiler / lip..?

    I spotted this on the S15 Lovers page on Facebook, have been considering a D-Max ducktail but not keen on how far they stick out, this one looks perfect so can anyone tell me what it is? I reckon combined with an Origin roof spoiler it would look awesome.
  10. C

    WTB: wanted dmax roof spoiler

    as the tittle will take a copied one once its a good fit
  11. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    best roof spoiler?

    Hey guys i want a roof spoiler but not sure what the best looking one out there is and where to get it from please if you could give me some info and pics :)
  12. Jay-pan

    Undecided on what to do with spoilers

    Right decided to fit a roof spoiler and undecided on what goes best with it.. 1) Roof spoiler and Dmax boot lip 2) Roof spoiler and aero spoiler 3) Roof spoiler and Drift spoiler low down not stupidly high 4) Non of the above 5) Just aero spoiler. I know this is going to come down to what i...
  13. R

    WTB: ** roof spoiler **

    As title please - yes I know I can get them new from epr but want to see what you guys have? Thanks 07817028470
  14. S

    FS: S15 passenger seat and rear bench for sale + interior

    Right as the rear bench and passenger one is now sold I'll update this thread: Drivers seat £50 collected: Front door cards and rear £40 for the lot collected: Little mark on drivers door card: Mint roof linning £20 (can include light etc) collected, no pictures but can get some on...
  15. J

    roof bars?

    hi, does anyone know where to get roof bars from to fit the s15? or which ones off another car would fit? thanks
  16. crazymat666

    just discovered i have the built in sat nav :D

    i posted a thread asking what the center of the dash was for and was told it was the the built in option extra satnav and me and a mate was looking around it and seen from opening it that the satnav is in there which im aware like the sun roof is very rare but i have no idea how to make it pop...
  17. Curryzz

    S15 Roof Spoiler

    Andybody no where i could get one from?
  18. Benne

    Nuerburgring Nordschleife onboard my Silvia

    Speed Industries Trackday... put a Go Pro HD in my roof and had some fun :nod:
  19. Surfing Boris

    Roof top problem

    Hi Guys, I am working desperately hard to become an S15 owner and it will happen soon but has been hindered by a recent motorbike accident thanks to the car driver never looking. I can only afford to run and keep one car, and that will be the silvia but i have a problem. I am a very keen...
  20. E

    DM-Style Roof Spoiler FRP/Carbon

    Hi all, we will have a new series of roof spoiler for all 200SX owners, they are avaliable in FRP or Carbon, limited stock so please put your name down on SXOC and reserve one!!! FRP:- £85 delivered Carbon:- £160 delivered