1. D

    New S15 owner

    Hi All, I just bought a modded S15 with a BN Blister wide body kit last weekend. I have owned an S14 and S14a in the past so naturally ive progressed to the ultimate S-body. The S15 is only a NA auto :o but i plan to replace that with a decent lump. currently into the options of a modded...
  2. M4TT

    WTB: Ignition coil pack

    Hi guys, Seems as though one of my coil packs is giving up, looking for a replacement oem one while I decide on whether I go down the splitfire route or not Let me know if you have anything :) Cheers, Matt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. S

    Lots of new bits on route from japland :)

    Have my shipment of parts on route from the mother land hopefully be here next week courtesy of Matt at Limitless Imports ;)
  4. Carta

    WTB: S15 loom and ECU, washer bottle and Spec R side badges

    Hey guys, I imported an S15 and these were stolen on route so if anyone has any of these please let me know Dan
  5. Max

    Cabin water leak

    Odd problem here. It has been bloody wet recently and since December I have been getting into the car and feeling that the drivers carpet around the pedals is wet. Thought it was wet feet initially but has been getting wetter in wet weather. Blasting hot air does shift most of it on a long...
  6. V

    Time attack gearbox options

    Hi all , Would like to get your feedback to build a s15 gearbox that can withstand 500hp and 550 Nm (tq) . I recently blew up my stock 6 speed and would not want to change back to that so my option is either go with the 5speed s14 or rb25 route . Am searching for the most cost effective...
  7. G

    Evening all!

    Hello Folks! Just joined after being a lurker for a while. Bit about me.... Currently drive a 1.9cdti Astra, looking to get something different :nod: I work for Nissan as a master tech, been working with them for just over 8 years (ill try be of help if req!) Cousin had a S14a and i...
  8. G

    Hello from NZ :D

    Just wondered onto this forum But im from NZ and have a 99 S15 Going to lower it another 15mm in the front annnd 20mm in the rear and it should be at a perfect height , followed by end caps and a front lip off a type r integra :P and a laurfen wing to give it that long sleek look. Went...
  9. G


    hi peeps i was building a s13.5 but am now in the process of upgradeing :nod: should be takeing delivery of a fully worked s15 shell in about 2 weeks, have a full chargespeed kit on route from japan for it as of yesterday need a few bits for the shell so will be posting quite alot in the wanted...
  10. Miss S15

    Powerful or Show n Shine S15?

    Right I'm in a bit of a quandery at the moment,as ye know I'm getting an s15 around October/November time all going well. I've been looking for a black one,fairly standard enough,I want to put my own mark on it as such. I have a car site myself and it's colours are black and orange,mainly want...
  11. A

    Sourcing a car from Japan.

    Ive not had much luck finding an S15, the ones i like get snapped up before i can get it. Torque GT source cars from Japan, is this a good idea or is it risky? I know it would take a while to get here and everything but if its safe it might be worth it to get a car thats just what i want...
  12. D

    New User Here, Howdy

    Hey everyone. Was informed to join by Topper. Used to own a S13 and have been toying between a RX7 and a S14/S15 for the last little while. I had never actually seen a S15 up close, or get a chance to look around it, but he was kind enough last night to do so. Im converted!! I want a S15...
  13. J

    Forgot to say ello

    Well howdee all :D Name is Terry, From Ireland, run a jap car club and work for a Irish Modified car and lifestyle magazine, and have a S15 on route from Japan
  14. M

    Well Ive gone white...

    As my Ultralite wheels were allready starting to shown signs of corosion after only 8 months or so and being religously washed every week I decided to get them painted before it got out of hand. After the set of wheels I originally had for the car, which I had painted white looked so good with...
  15. Nicely

    And this weekend...

    I recirced... Took the chance to pop into Merlin Motorsport whilst at Castle Combe track yesterday to buy a load of Samcos and joiners to get the SSQV recirced. :) Bit of a fiddly job, and the piping route didn't go as planned, but turned out OK in the end. No chance to try it till tomorrow...