1. F

    What boost can I run?

    Standard turbo blitz filter, down pipe,Walbro fuel pump , grade 7 plugs,fmic, what boost can I safely run? Thanks

    Tomei Reytec Software

    Hi guys Anyone know of anywhere to download the Reytec software? Tried googling but getting run round in circles. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. FreakensNL

    Petrol RON 95 vs 100

    Hope this is the right sub. I really want to know what is the difference in (ecu, tune) between 95 and let's say 100, is it just a bit of timing adjustment? I run 95 cause 100 is super hard to find here, I want to boost to 1.0-1.2 bar Can stock maps handle 95 @1bar? (With fmic, etc)
  4. jake

    WTB: Cheep run around

    Any one selling a cheep run around for like £200 Until my s15 rb swap is done Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Limitless Imports

    New Trader ' Limitless Imports'

    Hi S15oc, Thought I'd come and introduce my self. Some of you may know me already My names Matt and a run an import company here in the uk called Limitless Imports. I have been running it for over 1 year now with great success. What I can offer you is that im able to source parts from all...
  6. 2fst4u

    Bovs; or lack thereof

    My fake SSQV that my car came with is making my car run terrible and gives massive after fires on run off. A real one or maybe a decent turbosmart one will probably fix all my woes BUT for now, I'm thinking no bov might be better than a terrible one. Does anyone have any ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE of...
  7. JDM_virgin

    boot ventilation part number

    This is a game id like to call 'name that number', basically there is an air vent in the boot that can be seen from underneath the back end, its on the drivers side and is located on the inside face of where the bumper mounts to the body. you can also feel it if you take out the boot rim for...
  8. L

    Someone please stop my confussion

    Hi all Just about getting round to fit my FMIC on the weekend :thumbs: Only problem i have is whats the best to run for the engine. Basically i want to aim for a stage 1a/2 on the S15. want to run a safe 1bar of boost and maz 1.1bar Whats best to do on the recirc side of things? Run the...
  9. Parky

    Rear window seal buggered?

    It seems like the rear window is trying to pop out from the seal Along the top edge, I can just see the edge of the glass. I've tried levering the seal back up onto it but it keeps on popping back off. Has anyone run into this problem before or have any ideas to sort it out? Don't want water to...
  10. Damos15

    Fuel Cell and Lines

    Hey everyone. I'm in some need of advise. I have purchased a Aeroflow 55L fuel cell and am needing to run some AN8 lines from the back to the motor. My motor is not in as its away being built and the fuel cell isn't in as yet either. But before i send my car back to the metal fab guy, i wanted...
  11. Fruitbooter

    Apex Gen 2 comfys

    Looking for comments from people who actually run them and not just speculation.. Are they decent? Im trying to decide between these and paying the £200 odd extra for HSD Monopros. I'm thinking because my car is still up for sale I dont want to plough too much money into it but the suspension...
  12. Jay-pan

    Rough running problems

    This has just started recently after I thought I cured it with my splitfire coil packs. Basically I start car when cold it will run fine then start popping once or twice and then run really rough like a coil pack but I've unplugged each one when it does it and it goes worst! Secondly could be...
  13. fez06

    boost problem lack of power

    had a dyno at the weekend, not very impressed to be honest as its about 20bhp down. it seems to be boosting crappy only makes full boost at 6000rpm. had a boost test tonight on road and tried to eliminate the boost solenoid. with it connected it ran the same as on my dyno run. when i run the vac...
  14. lvaleiron

    6 speed or 5 speed and why?

    This topic is not discuss why one is better than the other mechanically speaking, is just somewhat for me to try to understand why would anyone who is running under 380 bhp would want to switch to a 5 speed?!?! (i just love my new rebuilded 6 speed that's all:D). The reason i'm asking this is...
  15. Cris69

    Meet: Tunnel run!!!

    I'm arranging a tunnel run with a few mates, all have jap motors :) from civic type R to r33 skybus and me in my s15... We are going to meet at the ace cafe in London and then go have some fun :) All welcome!! Planning for end of October and a Saturday evening... as soon as I have more...
  16. N

    Chasing 350hp + at the rears

    Hey guys I'm tony. I have a 180sx with the s15 motor in it. It has a t3 top mount turbo with garret internals, not sure wat turbo it is exactly. Its a stock motor otherwise and I'm putting a fmic and looking to run about 11-12 psi boost. Just wondering wat other mods do I have to do to get 350+...
  17. 2fst4u

    Major noob question

    So I see a few cars that push out high power, or even just show cars, that run with no airflow sensor ahead of the turbo intake. How does this work? How does the ECU know what A/F ratio the engine is running and what do I need to run my engine like this? I like how clean it looks but can't...
  18. dave_t

    Hesitation When on Boost?

    Since i collected my, standard engine wise, S15 from Liverpool docks, it has started, idled, and rev'd perfectly fine. Being as it hasn't been road legal, the only 'test drive' i have managed to do is to the top of my road and back :rotfl: This is where i noticed, when it comes on boost it...
  19. D

    what boost

    Car is fitted with walbro, grade 7 plugs, fmic, full stainless system inc manifold/elbow, z32 fuel filter, air filter and optimax. What boost should be safely run on stock s15 ecu. next on the list is horsham ecu upgrade
  20. E

    Meet: MissBanzai Charity jap tunnel run 2012

    Back for the first time in 2012 we present another London Tunnel Run, hosted by inviting all Japanese car owners! Please read the details below and follow the donation instructions. *** Note this is for Japanese cars only - no exceptions.. Non Jap cars will be refused entry ***...