1. S

    SR20DET - TURBO (GBC22-350, GT2560R OR GT2871R)

    Which turbo's are you guys running on your sr20det's? Im looking at the: -GARRETT GT2871R (0,64AR) - $1350 -GARRETT GT2560R - $1050 -GARRETT GBC22-350 - $850 I currently have a built sr20det (top (cams, springs, solid lifters etc) and bottom(rods, pistions, coated bearings, headgasket and...
  2. K

    Modifying my S14

    So i have a 1995 S14 running a almost stock SR20DET (Turbo-back Exhaust) Im currently making my list of upgrades and parts i want to do. End Game: I want to be making 350-400hp My current list is ECU Turbo FM Intercooler 1000cc Injectors and Fuel Rail Fuel Pump Pistons Con Rods I'm wanting...
  3. C

    S15 manual conversion

    I’m planning on doing a manual conversion on my 2000 auto s15 spec s. I have found a company selling both a s13 manual kit and a s14 manual kit . There isn’t a s15 kit I can find. Which manual kit should I buy for my s15? I know there is probably thousands post about this but I can seem to find...
  4. willy s15

    FS: volk rays GTN-17

    hey to have a nice set of rims for sale spec is this (2) 17X8 ET 44 (2) 17X9 ET 44 rear is with bigger lips i can ship it anywherre at buyers cost https://sr20.driftworks.com/forum/attachments/img-d5927c20e901867c9566e624e25d11b7-v-jpg.309132/ and a pic from my s14 with it...
  5. willy s15

    nissan s14 with trans 6speed no work with odomoter

    hello to all i have a little problem with my s14 recently i change 5 speed trans with oem 6sp from s15 is working very good good but it doent work with odometer what i could do to fix it >?? can anyone done the same with me ??? aso i notice the rear end from nissan 350z has some sensor...
  6. C

    S14 rear camber arms fit a s15?

    Just wondering if rear camber arms for a nissan s14 will fit a nissan s15. Cheers
  7. T

    some Noob Questions

    if in wrong section please move and PM me where thanks:D so i made a pay on for my new dumb decision that means i am terrible in translating my german thoughts to english text and also that i paid a part of the price to the previous owner in order to save my new smokesomewheels for me^^ i...
  8. A

    Rear brake caliper seal

    Hi everyone, Do S15 rear brake caliper seal kit compatible/same as S14? I cant find any for S15 only S14 available Thanks
  9. Saxon

    Front/Rear Brake Discs

    Just wanted to check before I did any ordering, but are S14 brake discs the same as S15 brake discs? I know most things are shared with the S14 but I can’t remember if the brakes are something that was changed with the generation change. Thanks!
  10. S

    decat fitment?

    Hi all, started shopping for a decat this evening and got a couple of questions. what is the difference between s14 and s14a/s15 dimensions? most of the decats i see are for s14 and claim will only fit an s14a/s15 if coupled with a 14a/15 downpipe and elbow? seems odd to me i only want to...
  11. J

    FS: S13 s14 180sx hubs

    I have a set of s13 s14 hubs for sale if anyone's interested?
  12. A


    It seems pretty hard to find any information on the S15 alternator & alternatives. There doesn't seem to be an S15 alternators out there to buy. Anyone know if the S14 alternator can be used as a replacement that bolts straight on or not?
  13. S

    Hi guys, just wondering if a manual conversion package like this would work.

    S14 SILVIA SR20DET MANUAL CONVERSION | Home | Gearbox & Differental | Osaka Auto Parts This is the info they have on their website incase the link doesnt work Nissan Silvia SR20DET to suit S14 5 speed auto to manual conversion kit. * sr20det gearbox * 9 bolt det flywheel * clutch and...
  14. ryan3

    S14 driveshaft same as S15?

    Hi guys, I think my passenger side driveshaft is on its way out (the shaft from diff to wheel hub) was wondering if an s14 driveshaft would fit or whether I'd have to get hold of a S15 one? Ive had a look online but can't find a definitive answer, oh and it's a spec R if that makes any...
  15. D

    S15 Motor Swap Questions

    Hey guys, I did some searching and came up with nothing, I apologize in advance if there is already a topic on this. I recently got an insanely good deal on an S15 Spec S (N/A and auto) and since I got it for so cheap and the chassis is so clean I figure I will just swap an SR20DET into this...
  16. N

    FS: Part Shop Max S14 / S15 Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing

    Part Shop Max S14 / S15 Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing Anodized gold solid CNC aluminium bushing set installs in minutes! For cars with stock caster or less than stock caster Helps to prevent over centring of tie rod and knuckle to prevent heavy steering at lock be moving rack a small amount...
  17. N

    FS: Parts Shop Max Gold Skid Plate & Oil Pan Guard for S14 / S15

    Originally bought for my S15 but never got round to fitting it. Listed for S14 but can’t see why it wouldn’t fit an S15 or will require little modification. £120 Inc UK Mainland Delivery.
  18. Shawnhalu

    Geabox Conversion Help

    Hi all, I need help in gearbox conversion, Genuine Help i mean, I been reading for the conversion for quite sometime. but still stuck in a stage of choosing between Z32 (5spd), Z33 (6spd), S14 (5spd) I am driving a Nissan Silvia S15,daily street driving & randomly launching or drifting...
  19. Judd

    FS: S14 RocketBunny DuckTail spoiler(Copy)

    S14 RocketBunny DuckTail spoiler for sale. (Copy) Brand new. £65 collection only from Cornwall. Not willing to post cos it will get trashed in transit. P.M if Interested.
  20. J

    S14 SR20DET into AUTECH S15 pin outs

    Hi all Got my SR20DET last weekend, full set up, harness, ecu, loom, and all auxiliaries out of a S14. Does anyone know how much the PIN outs will differ from the S14 to S15, sorry if been asked on here before! I'm not friends with electrics! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk