1. A

    FS: S15 Varietta Spec R for Sale

    Hey Guys, I am looking to sell my S15 Varietta. IT is a #unique car with Widebody made of Steel and many Carbon Parts. Maybe somebody is interested in? Car is located in Germany, can be delivered all over the World Verkaufe ich gerade bei #Kleinanzeigen. Wie findest du das...
  2. Sryan2525

    Window motor swap

    Hey guys, i took my window motor out today to find that the brushes are f****cked. Even if I found new ones to fit, one of the arms to hold it is half missing! After some searching I found one that would work but not with the auto function. Instead I noticed that 350z motors look almost...
  3. C

    S15 manual conversion

    I’m planning on doing a manual conversion on my 2000 auto s15 spec s. I have found a company selling both a s13 manual kit and a s14 manual kit . There isn’t a s15 kit I can find. Which manual kit should I buy for my s15? I know there is probably thousands post about this but I can seem to find...
  4. D

    WTB: S15

    Hello, I am looking for a S15 preferably Manual but automatic would do also. Spec S or R is fine just not a Varietta I'd prefer a Autech if possible but again I'm not picky Mileage is fine long as it's not over 200K Show me whatcha got :D Price range is £15000 - 21K USD
  5. D

    My 3 project S15 Spec R

    Got my hands on some less loved S15s Spec R off their previous owners. Going to be stripping them down and rebuilding them up. 1 to be a track machine, 2. to be a show car and 3. to be kept as stock as possible.
  6. K

    Replace diff? ABS?

    I'm planning an LS3 swap into my S15 and have a couple of questions re the diff and ABS. (Yes, I know, it's sacrilege, my apologies.) The car is an Australian delivered 2002 RHD Nissan 200SX Spec S (mechanically equivalent to a JDM S15 Spec R I believe). Plans involve a stock GM crate LS3 (430...
  7. C

    I need help buying a s15 spec r

    hey i just want to ask if you guys know any good places to buy a s15 if you guys do could you please reply by sending me link thank you : )
  8. TimmyT

    Fusebox Loom R/LAMP relay

    Hi! I have 2 fuseboxes here. They are identical except the R/LAMP relay. One has a Wire (green with a red line) that goes from the relay into the 15A fuse. The other One has 2 of these Wire where 1 go to relay and 1 to the 15A fuse seperated. Someone knows whats the diffeence here is? Thanks
  9. D

    WTB: Looking for S15 chassis

    Hey guys! I live America and really want a S15 for my drift build/show car. Does anyone have a S15 doesn’t matter the condition, doesn’t have to be turbo or stick. Stick would be preferred but once again not a big deal. It’s just the chassis I need to get started. Only thing I ask is no extreme...
  10. I

    WTB: White S15 Spec-R

    Looking for a white S15 Spec-R. Based in South Wales but happy to travel anywhere for the right car. Cash waiting for a quick deal :)
  11. TheSnowfury

    The Re-Body Project

    My Glorious S15: Met a Range Rover..... And is now being stripped I AM IN NEED OF A DONOR CAR/SHELL TO CONTINUE THIS STORY- CAN YOU HELP ME?
  12. TheSnowfury

    WTB: Re-body Project: need S15 shell

    Hi folks, looking to completely rebuild my S15 following a recent accident. Anyone have an S15 shell up for grabs? Doesn’t matter if spec r or s as I’ll be seam welding it. Can cope with minor dents but must be straight. Once metal work done will be performing a bare metal respray in...
  13. vengee*

    WTB: S15 OEM coil packs

    Hi all! Looking for S15 oem coil packs. I've tried few online shops and ebay sellers and since I'm not able to get them in our country, I need to buy them online... Anyone knows where to get new ones in Europe? The problem is stock currently, so I'd have to wait 2-3 months, which is a no-go for...
  14. T

    FS: S15 Rocker Cover + S15 Airbox For Sale

    Hi, I have an S15 Rocker Cover + S15 Airbox For Sale. Rocker cover is in good condition, I'm looking for £60 + postage. Airbox is also in good condition, I'm happy to take offers on this. Cheers
  15. W

    Retrofit EP3 Type R seats

    I was wondering if anyone has fitted seats from a pre-facelift Civic EP3 Type R into their S15? If so what is involved as I know the EP3 seats sit quite high compared to the standard S15 seats. I have a pair of Civic seats lying around that I quite like and thought they would be a nice little...
  16. willy s15

    FS: nissan s14 s15 clear out // brakes rear 350z

    i have some parts thant i dont need most of them i have it as spare now i want to clear garage space for rb25 r33 series gtst model -radiator rb25 r33 very liltle use no name in great condition -granted hks original japan 100p -sterring colonum rb25 r33 gtst 80p -cams oem rb25 r33 gtst 80p...
  17. A

    WTB: S15 OEM Aero Spoiler

    Hi all. I've been trying to source an OEM or OEM style aero spoiler for my S15. Anybody have one they're looking to sell? Any colour will be fine as it's going to get resprayed. Also I'm happy to collect or arrange collection if need be. I've seen them going for £250-300 but name your price...
  18. Darren_S15

    FS: Passenger side door visor

    For those of you who don't know me I used to be a very active member of this forum years ago before I sold my S15. I recently found an S15 part in the loft, the original passenger side door visor from my car. The drivers side one was broken on my car so I had the parts shipped over from Japan...
  19. B

    FS: S15 Genuine GPSports GFour Bodykit

    I told myself I'd only ever sell this if a genuine aero kit popped up. Now that it has, I've reluctantly got to let it go. This GP Sports kit came on my car from the motherland and I've only ever seen it on one other car, which was in Ireland. That car was sold in 2011, and I've never seen it...
  20. Z

    Installing Fog Lights into your S15

    Hi all. I know this has been done before, but i am doing this again with a video to make it a bit easier for people to visualise what needs to be done! I have attached a video below of the process of installing the fog lights into your S15 weather they are factory or aftermarket the process is...