1. S

    Meet: West Midlands meets

    Hi all, New to the Jdm world and yet to acquire an S15 sadly. I was wondering though if there are any meets in the West Midlands? I'd love to come check out some S15s at some point. Help fuel my desire to get one :)
  2. J

    Other s15's near me?

    Hi all, Are there any other S15 owners in or around Luton Bedfordshire?
  3. Lil SpecR

    Show me your dash/audio setups!! =)

    Hi all Before I go getting some double din unit for my S15 I wanted to see what other people had set up in their S15s? So please show me your centre dash, whether its single or double din, some computer wizardy system or filled with engine management gadgets! I just want to get some inspiration...
  4. T

    19" on s15's

    Does anyone have pictures of s15's with 19" wheels? I've been running my car on 16"s then upped to 17"s, and am now tempted by some 19"s but don't know if they will just look silly big on an s15. If anyone has any pics of their car or other peoples cars on 19" wheels i would appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. jake

    Sr to rb

    So thinking about changing my s15s engine ( sr20 det) next year was think of going to rb25 or rb26 not sure yet What should I look out for when doing this And one would you guys pick Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. K

    Just a couple questions

    Hey guys new to the s chassis, I've been searching around but I couldn't find whether or not the s15 came with daytime running lights because it's mandatory for Canadian cars to have it. Also what year did the jspec s15s come with ball bearing turbos instead of bush/journal bearing? I heard they...
  7. Fruitbooter

    Have S15's really dropped in value that much?

    I get a lot of people lately offering me silly amount for my car like 6k and 7k would you believe it! Trouble is there are a few S15's out there where people are advertising them for pennies even with a decent spec and are willing to say yes to 7k for a quick sale, now this might be a solution...
  8. Parky

    How many S15's in the UK?

    Probably been asked and answered before but just out of curiosity, how many are there in the UK? Is there any website that gives that sort of data?
  9. G

    Newbie saying hi

    Hi everyone, My name's Gaz, I am currently on the lookout for a new car and I am seriously considering an S15. My previous Jap car history consists of a 1991 Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo which I had for just over 4 years and i'm currently in my 5th year of ownership on a 1997 Nissan Skyline GTST...
  10. Sparky

    Road trip to Ireland

    I shall be taking a few days holiday in Ireland from tomorrow, Sat 25th. Am travelling across country to just past Galway for a couple of days, then down to Cork. I am aware there are other members in Ireland so shall be keeping an eye out for other S15's whilst there. I will be in my black Spec...
  11. Nicely

    New Forum Admins

    I thought it was time we had a few extra forum admins/moderators (and ones that actually own S15s :p ), so say a big hello to our latest forum police recruits: Mike S15_SAM als_jordan :thumbs: :)
  12. JDM_virgin

    Open Event: Relentless Racing Tour Of Duty 17th August 2013

    http://rrtod.co.uk/ would any one be up for attending this? sounds like it should be an quality evening as there are loads of clubs and photographers going, would be awesome to see some S15's in the mix basically its a tunnel run around london. its an official event so i assume no dicking...
  13. O

    Bye Sil80 hello S15

    Hi All After owning my Sil80 for close to 8 years I finally thought it was time for a change and have been looking for an S15 for a while and finally found one that I liked with a good price. So I'm happy to say I'm now the proud owner of an S15. I've not had it long about a month and half...
  14. R

    hi im new to s15's but not s-bodies

    hey, as the title says... got a spec r
  15. Hunts15

    REQUEST: BN Sports blister kitted s15's

    lookin for pics off bn bister kitted s15's, iv trawled the net for ones in solid colours red white etc etc but im hopin some off you have some pics hidden in yer photobucke accounts and some off ye in japan have unseen pics :) iv done google images search but photo are bad quality or too bad...
  16. T

    Pictures of s15's on R32 GTR alloys

    Does anybody have any pictures of s15's on 16" R32 GTR alloys? Thanks guys.
  17. T

    WTB: WANTED: T28r S15BB Turbo!

    Afternoon! Im currently running a S14 and desperately trying to find a T28r to slap on it but not having much luck. Since they're standard on the S15s I thought here would be a good place to ask! Send me a PM'ed if you have one laying around! Cash waiting. Thanks!
  18. S


    Hi, Just wanted to say hello I'm new to the forum I have a S15 spec-S in white, have owned it for the last 5 years. I will post pics when I can work out how to do so. Its great to see some other S15's on here cos there's not too many on the roads but thats the beauty of it for me. Will post...
  19. A

    New S15 owner!

    Hi all! Just picked up my first S15 Spec R yesterday in blue, and im absolutly loving it!! :cool: Im Alex, from Hertfordshire, not quite sure if there are any more S15's locally, as in all fairness, i never see them! Looking forward to reading more on the forum. :thumbs:
  20. Y

    Mileage clock

    Do S15 owners not convert travel from km to miles as I always see people quote km done rather than miles when selling S15's, strange... might be just me :o