1. D

    Dave Bloomfield's 1999 Silvia S15 Spec R Pewter Areo

    I am now the owner of Darren's S15 Spec R Pewter Aero, I bought it from Lee in late Jan 2014. It replaced this... fast but thirsty and safe... too safe... [/URL][/IMG] However I got it home and began using it for work and at the weekend for fun! Great car love it! :) So the first pictures I...
  2. T

    New s15 owner reintoduction big plans

    Just a re introduction I bought myself a genuine Spec r this week have huge plans for it safe to say I'm happy to be part of s15 ownership
  3. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    what's the go with a +t

    Hey guys my s15's a sr20de+t and I don't know what I can do and what I can't do? since I don't want to stuff my motor and all i'm wondering is it safe or not to have a boost tap and put the boost up to 12ish psi. The previous owner said it was tuned to 6 psi and he was certain but some reason it...
  4. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    what mods for upping boost?

    Hey all I want to know what I will need to do so that it's safe for me to increase my boost. Not sure on what mods will need to be done so its safe and damage the engine etc
  5. meddler

    Merry Christmas

    To all, From all the team at we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and sideways New Year! :D
  6. T

    safe to fit an fmic?

    hello there! I have a question to all you guys out there that knows more about the s15 then i do. i recently bought myself a s15 spec r, with a pretty much unscrewed engine. now to my question: i have a front mounted intercooler laying in the garage waiting to get installed. but im not sure if...
  7. 4

    Rim size front bigger and rear smaller question.

    Hi guys. Is it safe to drive in the following rim size configuration. Front 235/40/18 8.0J offset 22 Rear 255/40/17 9.5J offset 15 Notice that i using rear 17" , front 18". As i feel lazy to change my rims. So i go drift in this config, but not sure if it safe to track in this config...
  8. J

    Recommended Rubber

    Hi Guys, Need a litle recommendation if you can spare 5, thought my S15 was seriously loosing power the past week but after my mates supra had a blow out last week thought i'd check my tyres to find from the middle to the inside wall was virtually slick (hence the loss of power through wheel...
  9. A

    Sourcing a car from Japan.

    Ive not had much luck finding an S15, the ones i like get snapped up before i can get it. Torque GT source cars from Japan, is this a good idea or is it risky? I know it would take a while to get here and everything but if its safe it might be worth it to get a car thats just what i want...
  10. Y


    hi guys n girls :wave: jus wondering how much boost are u all running on? i'm running less than 1 bar on high boost n around 0.7 - 0.8 bar on low boost. is it safe to run 1.1 or 1.2 bar on high boost?
  11. Yakozan

    Removing Carbon canister. Safe?

    Is it safe to remove? You had some boost problems Nicely. Was it because of the carbon canister :confused: I don't know where else to fit my catch tank, so I wonder if it's safe to remove.