1. F

    What boost can I run?

    Standard turbo blitz filter, down pipe,Walbro fuel pump , grade 7 plugs,fmic, what boost can I safely run? Thanks
  2. D

    what boost

    Car is fitted with walbro, grade 7 plugs, fmic, full stainless system inc manifold/elbow, z32 fuel filter, air filter and optimax. What boost should be safely run on stock s15 ecu. next on the list is horsham ecu upgrade
  3. Fruitbooter

    How long have you left your S15 un-started for?

    My car has been off the road since the end of December now, I started it a few times but up to date its been about a month without being started and the battery is flat now. How long can I safely leave the engine without starting it? Will it be okay if I don't start it and it takes...
  4. P

    What Next Before R/Road Tune

    Im going to be getting my car tuned in the next few months and im not sure if i have all the mods needed first. The tuning place said they can tune my car to run at 1.2bar safely with around 320-340bhp on simple mods for example, exhaust, fmic etc. Below is the list of mods i've done but...