1. F

    WTB: S15 in Dash navi screen

    Does anyone sell there in dash screen? I have the dash but the navi screen is missing. Just need this part
  2. D

    WTB: S15 screen wash bottle

    Wanted if anyone has one cheers rich
  3. S

    FS: FS: GAEMS Vanguard Black Edition 19" Personal Gaming Environment

    Up for sale is a used GAEMS Vanguard Black Edition. It is the 19" version. I originally purchased this for my deployment and it worked out great. There are some scuffs/Scratches on the case, but the screen is perfect. I don't have the shoulder strap for it, but it comes with the 2 accessory...
  4. S

    S15 in dash screen - controller unit guide

    Hi All, The below video on YouTube shows a modified version of the in-dash screen opening/closing using an external switch. The description mentions that a rough guide was on this forum - I'll be damned if I can find it, any help would be appreciated! :)
  5. A

    Intermittant electrical problems when starting the engine.

    So I have the key turned to ACC & everything electrics wise is fine, I start the car & all the radio/boost controller screen etc goes off while it starts & then the radio etc comes back on. But sometimes the little boost controller screen just says ERROR & beeps continuously or occasionally...
  6. A

    WTB: Parts needed for my MoT

    Hey im after a few things to get my car s15 though its Mot i need; O/a/f lower ball joint standard front callipers pumps for the screen wash Also if you know of any alternatives i could use instead that would be great
  7. crazymat666

    Wind screen Washer motors wanted.

    As the title says I am after the motors for the front and rear windscreens for my mot in a month or so. If anyone could point me out in right direction Il be great full
  8. J

    FS: Ipad 1 32gb (basically mint) £120 posted.

    hi, i no longer use this so no point in keeping it. everything works perfect and there isnt really any scratches as its always had a screen protector on there. £120 posted.
  9. holzkreuz

    WTB: Screen Washtank & Oem Boss Centering?!

    Screen Washtank & Clock Spring I need the OEM S15 Screen Washer Tank incl. Pumps. And the Yellow Thing which is under the Airbag Steering Wheel, dont know the exact name... CLOCK SPRING Where the boss kit is mountet with ;-) Shipped to germany PM's with pics pls
  10. S

    Apexi PowerFC or Something Else????

    I currently have an Apexi PowerFC installed in my S15. It was already installed in my car when I purchased it. I'm not a big fan of having the controller loosly sitting around in the car (I am going to have it velcroed somewhere so that it is out of the way). I was wondering if anyone had any...
  11. Havoc

    FS: S15 Built in SATNAV Rise up Screen, Controller & Dash.

    Right as I have had so much interest in this "rare added extra" and I mean alot of interest im going to put this up for sale as I could use some money for more Driftier parts. The sale will be for the whole dash (with yours in replacement of course) The screen, Control unit, all wires, speakers...
  12. miller

    In-dash screen problem

    My s15 came with stock navi system and in-dash screen. The screen pops up and down, thats very cool. But the lid which covers this screen does not fixed when closed. So on every road roughness it's jumps-up, thats very annoying. I thought it's missing some parts. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. S15RKM

    Rear Screen

    Im looking for a complete rear screen, thats including the rubber seal before any smart comments lol. Anyone know where I can get one ASAP as mine got smashed when I hit the tree.:furious: Cheers
  14. DeanS15

    head unit brackets?

    hello people, just wanted to pick some of your brains (again). the car i have bought hasn't got a stereo in it and i am considering two options, a double din screen or single motorised screen, but either way i need to know whether i need to buy radio brackets to bolt the cage to in order to...
  15. E

    FS: JDM Stereo/Sat Nav/Dash Screen

    All, I'm looking to sell my JDM sat nav/stereo system. It's just useless for me in Moscow :) It has the screen that pops out of the dash like this it's pretty pricey to get one as you can read here but reasonable offers considered. Chris
  16. Topper

    FS: Touch screen Double Din DVD/TV/CD etc

    I have for sale the following - Innovatec: Double din, touch screen head unit, radio/dvd/cd/mp3/analogue tv tuner (additional aerial required to work), it has aux input, reverse camera input, cd/dvd changer input, digital optical input, rca input for video and audio, pictured below with incar...
  17. K

    JDM S15 Satellite Navigation

    Guys, How do you open the screen above the aircon vents ? :confused: Tried pressing the OPEN/CLOSE button on the player right beneath the air con, and all that happens is beep beep ! Tried pushing the screen unit as well, to see if there's a clip but it didnt open. How do you open it ...
  18. Yakozan

    Woohoo, got a new work computer :D

    Got a new computer at work. So now I might actually get some work done :) Feels good to be able to have several programs running at the same time without a blue screen appearing :D