1. A

    Rear brake caliper seal kit

    Hello everyone, I just want to makesure if this Nissan D4ABM-N9528 a correct part number for S15 rear brake caliper seal kit? Thanks
  2. A

    Rear brake caliper seal

    Hi everyone, Do S15 rear brake caliper seal kit compatible/same as S14? I cant find any for S15 only S14 available Thanks
  3. A

    S15 Steering Rack

    Hi everyone, my S15 power steering rack got leak and i cant find any used replacement unit or rebuild seal kit for S15. My question is can i use power steering rack from Silvia S14? Thanks
  4. L

    Diff seal

    Has anyone replaced the seal behind the flange where the prop bolts to? Got a torque setting for the nut? does it set up black lash
  5. dave_t

    6-Speed Gearbox Rear Oil Seal (as the prop shagt enters the gearbox) - Part Number?

    I have my prop shaft out at the moment as I'm completing my undersealing, and before I refit is like to change the oil seal as I know they can leak from there. has anyone got the part number? Thanks in advance!
  6. A

    WTB: RH headlamp seal + front arch liners

    Im looking for a RH headlamp seal (6256885F00) & a set of front arch liners. Thanks!
  7. O

    Oil leak from prop shaft going into gear box

    Hi Guys ive got a small oil leak coming from my propshaft where it joins to the gearbox, ive had a read and found that it could be the seal inside causing the issue. so I went along to my local Renault\Nissan dealer to the parts department and the guys was not helpfully at all as he couldn't...
  8. Parky

    Rear window seal buggered?

    It seems like the rear window is trying to pop out from the seal Along the top edge, I can just see the edge of the glass. I've tried levering the seal back up onto it but it keeps on popping back off. Has anyone run into this problem before or have any ideas to sort it out? Don't want water to...
  9. G

    mechanical check up, need help with what it all means

    hey guys so i found a car that i think looks nice and all, owner seems like a good kid too had a mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection and the report came back with some problems 1. Near side front ties rod end 2. crank seal leak 3. rocker cover gasket leaking 4. rear shocks leaking 5...
  10. J

    Detailing Jem - 2012 Jaguar XK-R

    This Jaguar XKR is as you'd expect for a nearly new car in very good condition, with only a couple of tiny chips on the front and only one scratch, but lots and lots of swirls. But a day in my hands fixed that :) As you can see, lots of swirls: And after correction: I noticed this...
  11. Alex De Large

    Gearbox Rear Oil Seal

    Noticed that my gearbox has started leaking oil at the prop side which looks like it's getting through the oil seal. I rang Nissan today but they're on back order until July 14th :( Does anyone know where I can pick up one of these as i'm needing it asap?
  12. J

    found the leak need help

    alright lads...we found the leak and it is the oil sump!! mechanic says its not the one on the bottom but the one above it :( its just the seal to be fixed up but im wondering does anybody no what seal goes on it?? oh and its blocked by the cross meamber so the engine has to be moved but do you...
  13. Seal

    New member from France !

    Hi everyone, In advance, sorry for my poor english... i'll try to make my best ^^ I'm Seal from France, and i live near Paris ! I was looking for a new car to replace my 2 Honda S2000 (S2Ki member known as FrenchKiss knickname), and all i want is to stay with a Japanese car... i know Nissan...
  14. W

    help found my oil leak problem (hairline crack on engine block)

    leaking a tea spoon of oil every few days or so. Car runs fine and compression test came up 145psi across all 4. What are my options to seal the crack? Has this happened to anyone else? the crack is on the front of the engine just below the head gasket. s15 sr20det
  15. S15AK

    Wind Deflectors (fitting)

    Hi Guys.. Just wandering if anyone has installed the wind deflectors on the S15. I've looked at the link below which tells you how, but I can't work out how to remove the rubber seal, and which seal at that. Do I remove the outter door seal? and if so how.. don't want to break anything...
  16. Y

    Front cover Transmission seal

    Hey folks, Looking to get as named above the part number is 32113-89F00 Stiv is doing some work on my car and noticed the gearbox leaking a drop of oil cause of the seal. He has rang the main dealers in Dublin and Nevada, where he gets alot of bits but they have told him 6weeks. So if anyone...
  17. R-Spec

    Book time and cost advice?

    Hi Guys, Finally sorted my new clutch and fly. Last time I fitted myself but now I've lost the use of the garage and don't fancy a skateboard in the street!! Has anyone got the book hrs for the job and know what costs I should expect? 1. Replace Clutch and flywheel 2. Possible rear main oil...
  18. paddyb01

    gearbox seal

    my gearbox is leakng oil the the back were the driveshaft goes in is dis comman or wort fixing was told it will still leak if i change the seal
  19. V

    attn FAST users

    i need your help hehe i need the part number for the diff seal for the right side drive shaft, the shaft tha comes out of the diff casing, my seal has vanished thanks dave
  20. D

    problem with Cs installation

    I hate too say this but I have comed too total stopp with my Cs installation. I did come soo far that I could remove the shift. But when I should remove the seal it won´t come of. It´s this seal. How do I remove it?