1. C

    WTB: 3" catback exhaust - Nismo Spec Pro/Calsonic for sale too

    I'm looking for a 3" cat back - does anyone have one they're looking to sell? Currently have a Nismo 2.5" system if that's any good to anyone too? Thanks
  2. F

    WTB: S15 in Dash navi screen

    Does anyone sell there in dash screen? I have the dash but the navi screen is missing. Just need this part
  3. JDM_virgin

    3" downpipe and elbow for s14/s15

    Access Denied will fit an s15 but is a tight fit. willing to sell outside of the bay to forum members
  4. C

    WTB: Wanted - S15 spec-R

    Edit: Found one in Japan now.
  5. M

    S14/S15 Ganadors

    Does anyone know if they are interchangeable? I've read people say they are the same, and some people say they are different. Also, if anyone has a set they want to sell, let me know!
  6. K

    WTB: Standard exhaust plese

    Anyone got a standard exhaust (with cat to back box) for sell please? Thanks
  7. A

    WTB: S15 Driver side Door

    Hi, I'm looking for a driver side Spec R door. It can be in any colour however blue is preferred. Please PM me if you have one that you would be willing to sell. Thanks, Aj.
  8. Judd

    WTB: S15 Spec R in white.

    Hi . Im looking for a nice white Spec R with a good spec. Please PM me or Email on if you are thinking of selling or know anyone who may sell. Regards. J :)
  9. Surfing Boris

    Moving to America

    Evening ladies and Gents, I am in the RN and it turns out it is very likely that I might be posted to the States in April. Gutted as I have only had my 15 since August 15!! So I had options, sell it and buy something American once over there. Keep it in the UK somewhere, possibly father in...
  10. phillll

    WTB: Exhaust System

    Anyone have a system they're looking to sell? PM me guys/girls. :D
  11. W

    FS: Wanted - Carbon cooling panel

    Hey Guys, Im after a Carbon cooling panel, does anyone have one they would like to sell?? Thanks
  12. S15Cro

    WTB: Nismo Clocks

    As above, I'v seen a few Silvia's floating around with Nismo clocks and was hoping if anybody was willing to sell? Cheers
  13. phillll

    Where to buy DC2 lip?

    Am I being daft or are these really hard to find? I've found a couple of US sites that sell them but are there any over here? Cheers folks!
  14. A

    WTB: Hood cushion rubber/adjustable grommet.

    Anyone got a spare one they can sell?
  15. laimis

    FS: S15 windscreen

    Sell S15 new windscreen cost 140GBP, shipping to UK 60GBP. If you have any questions on PM.
  16. N

    WTB: WTB S15 SpecR Diff

    Hi there, I'm searching for the original SpecR differential. Used obviously. Does anyone have one lying around, wanting to sell? Alex
  17. C

    How much is my number plate worth? S15 FTW

    Basically I'm kinda putting my car back to standardish so it's easier to sell. (Will put a thread up shortly) trying to to work out how much my plate is worth, on the website it's worth £450ish but figured to a owner it will be worth a lot more. My pal sold a similar one for his r33 and got...
  18. Z

    WTB: spec-r wing (spoiler)

    l'm looking for a oem spec-r wing. Wan't to cut the middle-light out - so if somebody have to sell one and would send it to germany please send me a pm
  19. N

    WTB: Excellent condition S15

    Im now in the position to get a spec r s15 So if anybody is looking to sell then let me know Cheers :)

    FS: 2001 Wide BN S15 Spec R

    This is not a definite sale but I think it's right to gauge some interest . Not in a rush to sell an won't sell unless I'm happy the buyer won't F*ck the car up! It's a 2001 spec R , I bought it from Ireland where it's been a show car and never really driven. I got the car in February and have...