1. AshOBNXZ

    Water Temp Sender

    Hi guys, My BLITZ water temp gauge has been playing up for a while and today since work was quiet we decided to look into it. Found that whoever had it in Japan had somehow drilled and sealed the sender into the top radiator hose and that it is very slightly leaking coolant. One of the guys I...
  2. Unberivable

    Fuel sender replacement (or fix) help

    Hi all, So my jdm spec r s15 has a fuel sender that's not working. It always sits at empty with the fuel light on even when full. I narrowed it down to the fuel sender by sticking a wire into the connection of the fuel sender (to the gauge) and the gauge went up. The problem however is getting...
  3. JDM_virgin

    WTB: Fuel sender

    as per title, I know its a long shot but if anyone has one going or knows of one then please let me know
  4. JDM_virgin

    Walbro fuel pump question

    Just a quick question, does the walbro 255 fuel pump come with a new sender unit or do you need to use the oem one. One of the many electrical niggles I have is my fuel gauge is sitting rock bottom in the red and the light is on but the tank is brimmed. I think when I had a few jack plugs...
  5. fadli256

    Boost meter N sender unit

    Can anyone give me instructions on how to remove the boost meter, what is the code for the wire colour. and where the boost sender unit is located? JDM S15 Thanks guys :D
  6. tooley

    Oil Pressure guage.

    It seems to be reading backwards!!!! Its wired correctly. ive used my old sender not the one from the new gauge so im assuming that might be it. it could be reading a different resistence value. Guess ill have to put the new sender on. Anyone come accross this before?.
  7. Yakozan

    thread size for oil-plug?

    Does anyone know the thread size for the oil plug? I need to buy an adapter to fit my gauge sender there as I have nowhere else to put it. If anyone could confirm that the greddy sender thread is 1/8 BSP I would be a happy chap too :)