1. cviesins

    Speedo Help

    Hey guys, I need some help please. Ive got a 2000 Spec R that I've RB swapped. Its a RB25DET NEO with a wiring specialties harness and a Haltech Platnium Pro Plug In ECU for a R34 GTT. I would like to get my speedo working, but need some help on getting it hooked up and functioning. I'm not...
  2. G

    power fc identification

    hi all, i have recently imported an s15 and it had a few more goodies on than i was expecting. now it has an apexi power fc on it. it runs a z32 maf but i have also found a denso 3bar map sensor and a fast acting IAT sensor. now what style ecu is it L-jetro or D-jetro?? serial number is...
  3. vancouvers15

    Speedo and Odo problem

    Speedo isn't working and odometer isn't accumulating. 5 speed box and using Power FC. Hand module also not registering speed. ABS light on, front ABS sensors removed. ABS Controller (passenger side of engine bay) is plugged in. ABS ecu next to PFC appears to be connected. Likely the VSS...
  4. S

    FS: S15 / S14a PFC djetro with sensors/looms, FC Datalogit & software, border racing moun

    S15 / S14a PFC djetro with sensors/looms, FC Datalogit & software, border racing moun Selling my Apexi PFC D-Jetro with hand commander, Map sensor & Loom, IAT sensor & loom, FC datalogit & software and Border racing PFC mount: FC datalogit sold - 550£ for the PFC and bits
  5. dave_t

    FS: GkTech SR20 Coolant Neck Spacer / Coolant Temperature Sensor Solution

    Item: GkTech SR20 Coolant Neck Spacer, which you use as a neat solution for your Coolant Temperature Sensor. I bought this to fit my Defi Water Temp gauge but i never got round to fitting it before i sold the car, so it remains Brand New. Gktech Product Description "Want to install an...
  6. H

    S15 Spec S (with added DET) EML issues

    have had a few issues with my Spec S to DET conversion.....any thoughts welcomed: Ive just completed an S14a engine, box, ECU (no NATS) custom S14a/S15 loom etc into an S15 and i have a few issues I'm hoping someone can shed some light on or suggest courses of action. fired up today for...
  7. M

    Does a kazz 2way s14 diff fit an s15?

    As above what way does the abs sensor work for the speedo Any help appreciated
  8. C

    FS: (FS) Aem Ems

    For sale AEM EMS stand alone plug&play for s15 + Aem 3,5bar map sensor 480pounds shipped&paypaled
  9. FreakensNL

    WTB: ABS right front sensor

    I need a right front abs sensor asap Anyone ?? Don't know if s14 is similar...
  10. M

    Cold starting issues-ECU temp sensor?

    My most recent S15 is really struggling to start when cold, and when it does fire, it sounds like an Impreza until it is warm. It has an unmapped powerfc so I fitted a stock ECU to see if it was that. Still the same. If it fires and you don't catch it, it'll die and not start again and reek of...
  11. Alex De Large

    WTB: Diff ABS Sensor

    Anyone got a spare Diff ABS sensor? The one that's at the nose of the diff.
  12. dave_t

    WTB: Defi Boost Sensor (Link BF Series)

    I am after a replacement Defi Boost Sensor, for the Link BF series to fit the Control Unit II Example: PM me if you have one :thumbs: -David
  13. NICKO

    ecu pin out help

    im wiring in the power fc D jetro and the wire for the intake temp has to go to a location in the ecu plug that has no pin. my plan is to find the pin for the maf sensor, cut it and leave a length of wire on it then use that pin and solder the intake temp wire to that but here is my problem...
  14. JDM_virgin

    Boost gauge and EBC question

    Morning folks, Had some time at the weekend to plumb in my EBC and also my aftermarket boost gauge (depo). The EBC I have is a Gizzmo and was a doddle to fit and plumb into the induction/boost system- I actually used a guide i found on here over the instructions in the box as it had pictures...
  15. s15 al

    WTB: carbon cannister sensor

    I'm after the sensor that is mounted on the drivers side of the radiator at the top. If anyone has removed their carbon cannister and has one laying around let me know how much I could have it for, thanks
  16. JDM_virgin

    FS: Spec R Speedo cluster and S15 speed sensor

    As in the title, both of these I purchased in an attempt to try and solve the on going problems I had with my car. As it turned out neither of these were at fault so are now surplus to requirements. The speedo cluster I purchased off Cess, it was an automatic cluster but the PDNR have been...
  17. A

    FS: Power fc djetro s15 for sale

    Selling my power fc djetro for blactop sr20det s15 with 3 bar map sensor. Neither hand commander nor air temp sensor available. Selling price 650 usd. Shipping at buyer's expenses. I could throw in datalogit for another 250usd.
  18. M

    Diff abs sensor

    Any one know the part number the abs sensor in the diff, Mine stuck in and I'm swapping diffs soon. Also i'm after one if you got one for sale Thanks
  19. P

    S15 speed sensor

    HI guys ive tried searching but cant get a solid answer. I have a Spec S converted to SR20DET, it has an open diff. I have a s14 diff but someone has cut the wires off, which one is the speed sensor? Theres 2 on the backing plates and one up by where the prop shaft goes. Obviously i can just...
  20. S

    FS: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro for S14a/S15 - with commander/boost control/map sensor

    As title. Power FC D-Jetro (no maf) for an S15 but a couple pins can be swapped to use it in a 14a (this is what i purchased it for) I am selling all my bits to move away from sbodies It comes complete with the commander / Boost controler / Map sensor Price is £750 delivered & insured to UK...