1. I

    FS: S15 front knuckles with ABS sensors

    As title, s15 spec r front knuckles with ABS sensors intact. Dust Shields have had the lip straightened to accept bigger disks. £SOLD delivered Mainland For overseas postage, PM me with address for a delivered price.
  2. L

    WTB: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro with EL commander and all wiring and sensors

    After a Apexi Power FC (D-jetro) with EL hand commander and all wiring and sensors. Thanks Liam
  3. A

    Greddy temp sensors

    I need to replace my temp sensor in the sump plug but theres 2 to choose from & im not sure which mine is. Theres 2 sensors one says replacement temp sensor & the other is the same but its warn/elec. I...
  4. B

    What are these lambda sensors like?

    So I've been having issues with the car running a bit rough lately and after noticing this morning that she drank a lot of petrol on a relatively short drive I've come to the conclusion that it must be the Lambda. I will of course comfirm this before I purchase a new one but can anyone tell me...
  5. Fruitbooter

    WTB: ABS Pump

    Hi Guys Anyone breaking an S15 or removing ABS and have a spare working ABS pump? Sensors would also be a bonus but not needed.. Cheers!
  6. JDM_virgin

    Defi Products

    Just been on the Defi website and it seems that most of their products are now end of line, have they gone out of buiness or something? trying to get an oil sandwich plate thing with sensors.
  7. JaseYpk

    FS: Parts off Lolita

    The following parts will be made available assuming the insurance company writes it off. First come first served. Stick our name next to a part in the comments below. Apologies no photos yet, will get some when I can. All items are in mint condition unless stated. Smoked side repeaters - £20...
  8. subzero

    connecting defi's - help

    connecting defi's ... Going to hook up a few gauges this week, any recommend a place to get the sandwich plate and t piece ?? is that all ill need to fit an oil temp / oil pressure and water temp ?? provided i have all the sensors ??
  9. slammedmind

    apexi powerfc vs d-jetro

    Ok im familiar with the normal power fc but what i would like to know is whats the whole story with the d-jetro. I know it replaces the maf but how easy are the extra sensors to fit, and what exacltly to you get in the kit. Is anyone running one?
  10. P

    how to disable airbag.

    Hi, im entering D1NZ on this Saturday and just in case, i wanna disable airbag so in case of crashing, it dosent blow. Is removing the airbag fuse good enough to disable it? If I crash and if i wanna put fuse back in, do i need to check the sensors before putting the fuse back in?