1. dave_t

    WTB: Defi Boost Sensor (Link BF Series)

    I am after a replacement Defi Boost Sensor, for the Link BF series to fit the Control Unit II Example: PM me if you have one :thumbs: -David
  2. J

    20% off exedy clutches during july!!!! Dont miss out!!!!

    HI Guys We have a great offer for you guys on Exedy Clutches through the month of July!! EXEDY was founded over 50 years ago by Kazuma AdachiMore who strived to provide a better clutch for the Japanese Auto Industry, he has most certainly succeeded and EXEDY is now probably the most known...
  3. J

    Now stocking exedy clutches!!!! Forum deal!!!

    HEY SXOC!!!! :sxoc: We pride ourselves on selling the ultimate performance products and to go in-line with this we are now stocking EXEDY clutches for all Makes and Models. EXEDY was founded over 50 years ago by Kazuma AdachiMore who strived to provide a better clutch for the Japanese Auto...
  4. JaseYpk

    WTB: Defi Link Gauges - Discontinued!

    This year Defi replaced their current line of 'Link Series' boost gauges, with their 'ADVANCE' series, and they're not cross compatible. This annoys me as i have the Link control unit, and the link boost gauge, but now the link series are discontinued, and the advance ones wont work on my...
  5. P

    Fancy using your car properly ? Come Sprinting with the Toyota Sprint Series in 2011

    Not sure if any of you would be interested in this......... I compete in the Toyota Sprint Series and they have a class X for any non toyota cars. Anyone from here would be made welcome.............. Its a great day out and if enough of you come along you can have a mini series !! check...
  6. M

    BC Racing Coilovers, Special price for first THREE s15 customers!

    As an official BC dealer, Im pleased to offer these to forum members Ok, there are 3 types available for the s15... BR Series Street and Circuit Coilover Pillowball upper mount Camber adjustable top mounts Aluminium top plates 30 way adjustable damping Adjustable spring platform Height...
  7. K

    New from Germany

    Hello Everybody! My name is Rene Roesel. I'm master of engineering and owner of K-Sport Germany and FiberSports. Building cars and their components is my profession. I bought a S15 spec R some weeks ago to make a sure race car from it. We want to take part at the German drift series, the...
  8. R

    FS: sub and box

    JBL sub and box for sale ported box covered in black carpet GT4 series, 12" 2nd hand cond, sub works perfect. 100 e
  9. W

    entering part numbers INTO nissan FAST

    I use FAST to GET part numbers all the time, but I've never tried to enter a part number and find out what it is exactly and what car/s it came from/what car it suits. So I had a play with it and realised I can load any "model series" and still be able to enter in part numbers from any other...
  10. D

    I know who THE Stig is!

    Well, today i spent my day at the top gear test track for the first episode of the new series! Tune in sunday to find out who!!!!! :D Was a good day, you'd be amazed just how foul the language in that stuido is before it's all edited! The stuido is also a lot smaller than it seems to be on...
  11. C

    new ireland member

    hi people im from ireland have just came onto the site..and its really cool:thumbs: i am a pro driver with pro drift..have had lots of s body silvias down through the years.and have to say the s15 has been my fav i used this s15 last session in the european series and ireland prodrift series...
  12. K

    WTB: 4.3 final gear for S15

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a 4.3 final gear from a Nissan Skyline GTS-T Series 2 Auto. It has to be from the auto cause the manual's final gear is 4.1. And it has to be from a Series 2 because of the ABS/speed sensor. anyone can help me ?
  13. C

    Looking for picture's of Silvias within the D1 serie's.

    Looking for picture's of Silvias within the D1 serie's and other drifting serie's. In need of some insperation,
  14. D

    [16th/17th Sept Spa] Final King of Europe Drift Series 2006

    [16th/17th Sept Spa] Final King of Europe Drift Series 2006 Spa Francorchamps : The final round on one of the best tracks in the world! Only 2 weeks to go before the Toyo Tires King of Europe Drift Series 2006 FINAL ROUND on 16th & 17th September! Blanchimont will be the start line, it...
  15. D

    Prodrift Irl Round 1 photo's

    Seeing Nicely posted up D1gb pic's i said i'd show ye some from The Irish Series Round 1. I particurlarly like the 2nd last one of darren mac.
  16. T


    hey guys. i thought i'd say hi as i will surely be using these boards more when i get an S15. i am 35 and live in the new forest near southampton. new to the S15, but not to performance nissans. had a series of skyline GTR's and 300zx's and now find i want something a little more liveable day...