1. A

    Anyone good at setting HKS EVC 5's?

    Is there anyone who can help setup an HKS EVC 5? Ive followed the manual but it just doesn't seem to limit the boost, its going to 151kpa. It was set to a value before, the gauge on the a-pillar was showing over 1bar then, so I tried to lower it but its boosting more now & I cant get the old...
  2. C

    Flywheel bolts.

    Just fitted my hypermax clutch and flywheel but realised I now need shorter bolts as mine are bottoming out. Do they need to be anything fancy or will normal m10x1 do the trick? also what are the torque settings for them.
  3. M

    front hub nut tourque

    i just got some doritech knuckles so need to know what the tourqe setting is for the front hub nuts actually is there somewhere i can print a full list of all the bolt torque settings. thanks for looking
  4. Fasthands

    Suspension set up advice needed..Camber & toe etc..

    Hi folks, I have tried the search but not had any luck, I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice on set ups for fast road use. ie, camber and toe settings. Anyone got some tried and tested settings for good grip and control.. Sorry if there is a thread on this I couldn't find any...
  5. S15AK

    APEXI Power FC Hand conrtoller

    Hi Guys.. I've just fixed my power FC hand controllers plug, so I can now have it plugged in. So just trying to work out how to use it. I don't want to be changing any settings as the car has just been mapped. So just wandering what mointor settings people like to use? And just any...
  6. tooley

    Anyone own a Blitz Duel SBC Spec R boost controller?

    Right i have had these on my last two cars, and still to this day playin arround with the boost measurements. Anyone on here got one? if so it would be interesting to see what settings you have programmed. Since i have a low boost mode then a low spool mode, a medium boost mode and a high...
  7. S

    S15 SR20DE SAFC Settings?

    in preparation to turbo my n/a S15, I installed an SAFC II. The install went smoothly, but there is no guide for initial setup on a S15 SR20DE. I followed a guide for an SR20DET but it runs terrible. Crappy idle, very choppy revving, car dies, etc. All the settings for fuel correction are...
  8. L

    Greddy Profec B II Boost Controller setting?

    I've fitted a Greddy Profec B II Boost Controller today but I don't have a clue about settings. Anyone can help me out with this? :) Thanks