1. G

    FS: Geomasters // 5 stud hubs // 5x1 Skyline shafts // Offset Rack Spacers

    Selling a full set of sbody Geos with 5 stud hubs on them ready to fit to your car. Also have some 5x1 Skyline driveshafts and a pair of offset rack spacers. Geos with Hubs: £650 Shafts: £130 Rack Spacers: £60 Can do Geos with hubs and shafts for £700 or the lot for £750. I'm on...
  2. F

    WTB: Spec R Diff

    Hi guys, After a helical diff with output shafts, and ideally driveshafts too. Cheers
  3. K

    WTB: 2-way diff

    Looking for a 2-way diff either 4.11 or 4.3 ratio.. I don't mind if it's 5 or 6 bolt shafts.. it needs to be abs casing. Cash waiting cheers kev
  4. CMR

    FS: S15 6 Speed Spec R Gearbox, Helical Diff prop and shafts

    S15 Spec R Gearbox, Spec R Helical Diff, Full Prop and Drive shafts. Removed from my Spec R, all done 60k when removed. Excellent condition, never whined, crunched etc. Diff locked perfectly and has never been opened. S15 6 Speed Spec R Gearbox. sold S15 Helical LSD ----- SOLD...
  5. Parky

    R33 Diff upgrade..?

    Evening all, Besides the diff itself, what else is needed to bolt an R33 diff on? Do I need full R33 driveshafts for the 5 bolt flange fitment or can I use the S15 shafts / stubs. I recall reading that I'd need R33 stubs, shafts and some hub parts as the shaft length and splines are...
  6. M

    WTB: s15 diff output flanges

    as title im after a pair of 31mm diameter equal length output shafts 3x2 or 5x1 for my diff. pm me or comment here is fine.
  7. Jay-pan

    Output shafts.

    Does any other make or model of output shafts fit the S15 Helical diff or is it S15 output shafts only?
  8. Jay-pan

    R33 diff

    Trying to figure out what is needed to fit a R33 Diff, struggling to find an S15 helical diff. I have read about i need the diff with abs sensor on it so my speed would work and all i need is R33 half shafts and diff and it should all bolt on?
  9. S15_SAM

    Broken Nismo 2 way what's snapped?

    Hey guys. Just broken down and got recovered! Total nightmare as I was on my way back from a wedding with a full car! Just got back now, after getting it back to my garage. It's COLDDDDDD tonight!!!! basically was slowly coming into a roundabout, changed down gears then thud, lost all drive and...
  10. Jay-pan

    Diff and drive shafts swap information

    Hi guys, I have got a 2 way Diff on my S15 but it isn't for me so going back to the original diff (If anyones interested in a swap + cash my way) Anyway I went to the garage just to have a full inspection to make sure every things okay, when he was checking he said there was quite a bit of...
  11. pegliobaglio

    1 piece driveshafts??

    Alright guys, Knackered one of my shafts the other day and when I was looking around found somewhere that makes 1 piece aluminium and steel driveshafts,just wondered if anyone had any experience with 1 piece shafts? The way I see it is they should improve spin up with the only downside being...
  12. R-Spec

    FS: S15 LSD (stock)

    Built up in case ready to fit. Would need S15 nose as currently fitted with S14. Supplied with half shafts from stock S15 (just upgraded to superlocker using S14 casing - hence the nose swap)
  13. AllanOrr

    Spec R Half Shafts

    Hey guys this might be more for the ones running 2-way diffs over stock :) Do any of yous know if when fitting a 2-way diff if you require to still use the stock half shafts? :confused: Main reason I am asking is I am selling my stock diff but have had alot of people asking me if these are...
  14. S

    gtr diff upgrade

    hey im thinking of putting either a r32 or r33 gtr diff in my s15. Has anyone put one in there car? will you need gtr half shafts, hubs etc.. and is it worth the effort/ money of putting one in? cheers
  15. sands

    WTB: drive shaft

    as in the title im after good drive shafts let me know if have any
  16. koullis

    lsd that fits into s15 pumpkin.

    hi, i am searching for a used lsd for my s15 but i do not seem to find anythink. i find a lot from s13 and s14. can i use this lsd on my s15? will i need the shafts?
  17. B

    WTB: searching for s14 or s15 clutch pedal

    searching for a clutchpedal from s14 or s15. must be include all bolts and shafts. dont need clutchmaster. shippingcosts to germany please. thanks
  18. X

    WTB: Need HLSD Output Shafts

    Close Thread
  19. B

    WTB: S15 lsd output/halfshafts

    As the topic title says i am in search of s15 output shafts i already have a diff but unfortunatily the guy selling it needed his output shafts. Hope anyone here can help me! I can pay via bank transfer visa or paypal. I will ofcourse pay for the shipping! Best regards from holland Bas
  20. K

    WTB: S15 output shafts

    Output shafts for S15 helical diff wanted