1. vinnie

    FS: Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Tiptronic 1998

    Well ive not been here for awhile as I did sell my S15 :( I got a DC5 for abit but then changed up for an R34 GTT. My heart was still hurting and so now I want an S15 :p Car was imported by Torque GT. The car was classed as a Grade 4 inside and outside. So its has been under sealed by them...
  2. L

    Liam Carter

    Well I haven't been on here for years :L 2010 I Joined, and now its 2012. :rotfl: Any way, I'm 17 now and hopefully a bit more mature :D. I still have the love for a S15 but I own my own car now, being 17 its nothing special but I like her. She's called Delilah and is a Volkswagen polo: And...
  3. M

    Mitto's rat infested wall banger.

    Well, bit of a copy and paste job from driftworks but keeps you updated i guess! :D First hurdle is getting it ready for MOT and road legal, she's already insured! been waiting 11 years to get myself in an S15!!!
  4. S

    Well heads :)

    thought id throw up a wee intro here and say hello.. :wave::wave: got a sprc r a few weeks ago and have a few plans for it.. nothin too drastic i just wanna basically bring it back to a standardish look again.. ill get a few pics up when shes
  5. A

    Another Lightningbolt

    :wave: Hola Chums, Im Ryan, aged 22, living in Malaysia and i just got hold of my s15 spec-r about 4months ago. Im so happy i found this forum as its in english and multi-national. Hope to contribute in the best way i can. Unfortunately as my darling was stolen last week but thankfully...