1. spoonman

    Exhuast silencer.... have you had to put one in?

    I had to put a exhaust silencer in today as my car failed its WOF (warrent of fitness) due to my exhaust being 96db and it needed to be 92db. after putting it in i only noticed a slight decrease in high-end power and the noise level it dropped down to was next to factory, and i have thought...
  2. A

    S15 Decat Silencer

    All, Look what i have found :D (Half way down the page labelled "KTS SILENCER LEVEL2 ALL STAINLESS STEEL") This says it will fit, has anyone got any experience of these? I think unless APEX can manufacture one here in the UK, i will order...
  3. B

    rear silencer

    Hi guys, Just been quoted ?350 + VAT for rear silencer from Nissan dealer :eek: Bit of a bugger 'cause it's outwardly OK but has a loose baffle & is rattling badly. Question is, any suggestions as to source of replacement that won't be louder ? I know you'll probably suggest junking the whole...