1. P

    FS: S15 Spec R - Aqua Silver Metallic

  2. tooley

    FS: japan racing JR10 18x9.5 et 18 18 x 10.5 et 12

    Need to go even wider with the new kit sim getting for my s15. These are new. I've only put tyres on and driven the car to garage 21 when it was then stripped to a bare shell for rebuild. 2 x 18 x 9.5 et 18 2 x 18 x 10.5 et 12 Machined silver Advert is for wheels only no tyres. I...
  3. Nissan_S15

    Silver S15 with black rims in Poole Tuesday morning!!!

    Hi guys, Was on my way to uni on the number 15 bus at 8.30am on Tueday morning just gone, in Poole, when I spotted a silver S15 with aero kit + spoiler and black rims on the opposite side of the road stuck in traffic. Who was this? Didnt know anyone in the Poole/Bournemouth had an S15 as well...
  4. G

    FS: 6 speed shifter surround and shifter boot

    included are, the silver outer trim, the creamy yellow bit that holds the boot in and the leather effect boot. the boot has a bit of wear and has slightly holed in 2 wont really notice when fitted. the silver trim has a few scratches from storage and the fact its like 13 years
  5. dave_t

    WTB: WANTED - Enkei RPF1 in Wide Spec 17" OR Not So Wide Spec 18"

    my set of 18x10 RPF1's are a little too wide for the front of my S15, so would like a pair of Wide Spec 17" OR Not So Wide Spec 18"to create some extra clearance. Preferably in Silver No Tyres Needed PM me for quickest response -Thanks -David
  6. S

    WTB: Spec R front bumper

    As title - preferably in silver but not too fussed if not, cheers, Nick.
  7. T

    FS: Brand New AVS Model 5 17x9+22 Bright Silver pair only

    Brand New AVS Model 5 17x9+22 5x114.3 Bright Silver Rims sat at a shop for about 13 years. Production stamped 5/29/2000. Perfect condition, never had a tire mounted on them before. Ship from Japan to the US or Canada via EMS (3-5 days) with tracking and insurance $1420usd (1055euro) shipped...
  8. T

    FS: S15 headlights (silver housing)

    I just purchased some black housing lights since i prefer those. Hence these silver ones from my L-Package s15 are up for sale. Price: 350,- Missing the sockets for the highbeams Still has the standard light image and has not been converted for right lane driving.
  9. DeanS15

    FS: Pewter silver genuine spec r rear spats

    For sale I have a pair of pewter silver spec r aero rear spats. These are genuine Nissan items in very good condition. They were painted wv2 professionally and matched my original paintwork perfectly. Unfortunately there are a couple of tiny marks that don't really notice and on one of them...
  10. S

    WTB: Stock S15 front bar

    Hey guys, Im looking for a stock s15 front bar, preferably in pewter silver. Im in Australia Cheers
  11. DeanS15

    FS: spec r aero spoiler, great condition in pewter silver

    as above, i have a spec r aero spoiler in silver with a tinted triangle brake light, fixings and enough wire to connect the brake light to your rear light cluster. there is one small scratch smaller than a 5p piece which is hardly noticeable,can post pics of the scratch on request, other than...
  12. F

    Silver? S15, Bournemouth, Abbeylife parking lot

    saw from my room window a silver s15 this morning, around 7-8 ish! was driving on the parking place from abbeylife/lloyds tsb on holdenhurst road to a sub-ground level. looked like it had a standard spoiler with removed centerpiece, not sure though! look seriously sexy, first own i saw in real...
  13. S15AK

    WTB: Interior air vent

    As title, I'm after one of the interior air pods, the 60mm circular vent. Need one to chop up so as long as the silver ring is fine I will take it. Cheers
  14. S

    WTB: WANTED: s15 JDM aero bar in Brisbane

    Hey guys im looking for a JDM aero bar for my s15. I currently have a stock ADM bar on my car atm, and im looking to swap for a aero bar with cash settlement of course :) It would be preferable if the bar is silver soo it can be a easy trade :) Show me what you have ppl :nod:
  15. W

    Silver Dash Panel Below Steering Loose Towards The End - How Do I Fix This?

    As above the part that is loose is the silver dash bit below the steering wheel slightly towards the right side. If I push it upwards, it just goes back to it's original position. I don't wanna break it so would like to know how can I replace this without breaking/damaging it? Is it held on...
  16. DeanS15

    pewter silver, ducktail spoiler, rainham kent.

    as above, spotted a silver s15 with a ducktail rear spoiler and aftermarket exhaust where the old bike shop used to be on the a2 in rainham - first local one i've ever seen - are you on here? :confused:
  17. G

    Honda S2000 Opinions

    Hi All, Its been a while since ive posted anything here as i sold my S15 almost 2 years ago, how time flies. I now have my heart set on an S2000 which i will hopefully be the owner of in the next week or so. Prices have dropped dramatically here in ireland. There are 2 possibilities that i will...
  18. C

    FS: Pair of S15 front wings in sparkling silver (Pewter) - WV2

    Pair of standard front wings. I will get pics in a week or so if required, but everybody knows what they look like! They are in WV2 which people refer to as Pewter grey, but its Nissan name is Sparkling Silver. They are straight, but will need a respray as they have scratches from being...
  19. B

    White or silver S15?

    I am about to sell my black 180sx type X and purchase a S15 spec R gt. I have two cars imported from japan, one of which is white and the other silver. I was thinking the white would have black wheels and dark black tinted windows, while i have not decided on what could be done to the silver...
  20. mook

    Mt graphics ideas

    My graphics ideas Right, I'm working on getting my graphics sorted now. I had come up with a design before I even picked the car up (too keen!) but sizing it up against the car it just didn't look quite right. Here's the design as they first started with the intention of having it on the...