1. D

    SSL Certificate

    Anyone else getting the certificate expired message when going to this site? Looks like the date on the cert shows it expired yesterday.

    Silvia S15 parts Of QONAGO

    Hi there, we are selling very good condition S15 seats set ( front + rear). Site: Nissan Silvia S15 JDM Front Left Right & Rear Seats set OEM There is more parts for this vehicle. For any question please just let us. Regards, QONAGO
  3. S

    WTB: Dmax 50mm rear fender and dmax roof spoiler.

    Hi as per title i am desperately searching for 50mm dmax fenders and dmax roof spoiler if any one is upto do let me know and any site in uk who's selling these other rhdjapan. Com and frsport and epracing. Japanese site sellingbit shipping so expensive...
  4. S15Cro

    Open Event: Gatebil 11th-13th July 2014

    Don't have the time or money at the moment but just wondering if anybody on here is going? :) Its one of those events you have to go to at some stage if your into drifting/partying :D Site: Here
  5. A

    Nissan part numbers website

    Ive been trying to find out part numbers for stuff im after, I found this site but it doesn't have the S15 on it, shame cause its a good site. I found this but it has no pictures & im not sure if things are what I think they are...
  6. spoonman

    FS: 180sx S13 S14 S15 R32 part clearout again

    Click link below to my selling site via trademe, if anyone wants anything PM though forum
  7. Nicely

    Google Malware Warning

    Some of you may have been shown a Google malware warning when accessing the site today. This was due to a remote image in an old post (ironically one of mine :p ) linking to a site (now) recognized as being a source of malware, NOT the forum containing malware. This image has now been removed...
  8. N

    S15 VIN question

    I've just used this site to decode the VIN on my car. Thankfully everything matches up nicely (looks like mine is an early car as well, around Feb '99). The only part that's confusing me is at the end of the VIN (after the xxxxxxxUD4E part that denotes JDM turbo)...
  9. S

    newbie from ireland galway :)

    hi all im new to this site..a few people recommended it to me so i said i'd join..i used to own a spec s but unfortunately was forced to sell..i sold cars before but this 1 was my biggest regret..i'm hopeful i will be back in a s15 again and hopefully a turbo 1 next time around..this site will...
  10. N

    Noob(to this site not the car world) lol hit me up!

    Hey guys names Rj I'm from northern California area I'm 21 currently own a 350gt and a ap1 and looking to buy a s15 off this site so if anyone in Cali or the states has one for sale hit me up I'm desperate for one been wanting to buy one for years now and finally have the money for one so let me...
  11. DarioG

    FS: Nissan S14 for sale

    Please follow the link : I will be uploading pictures and spec to this site in the coming days. SOLD
  12. Spec-R


    Hello! My name is Chris and i live in Norway. Some months ago i bought my "dream"-car, an S15 Spec-R Aero 2002. I was quite happy because they're so strict with car registration here. There is only two s15 on legale road-plates in Norway! And now one of them is mine. ^^, I hope to learn much...
  13. W

    Request: s15 with origin trunk wing

    Hi guys I'm looking for photos of the s15 with an origin trunk wing There's only one on the origin site I'm not looking for the OEM boot spoiler Cheers
  14. L


    Hi i'm new to the forum. I dont own a silvia but am currently looking after one for my brother in law while he is away searving his country. The car itslef is an 2000 S15, think its a spec S non turbo with 150k on the clock. Has full body kit and is good condition. The reason i have joined the...
  15. DeanS15

    Wheres the full site gone from mobile devices?

    I cleared the cookies on my iphone the other day, now I can only access the mobile version of the site but I always used the full version.... Does anyone know how I can go back to the full site as there doesn't appear to be an option.... Cheers.
  16. D

    New to site from cork, Ireland

    Hey, bought a spec s up the country with two s15oc stickers on it so said I'd look it up since buying its being converted to turbo courtesy of an s14 donor car will throw up a project thread if I can, where????? maybe someone knows the car [/IMG] Have been flat out buying bits for it since...
  17. R

    Gidday im Ryan with a stock S15 auto turbo

    Nice to find a web site like this hopefully can get some questions answered and find parts while becoming more knowledgeable
  18. T

    Hi from Kanagawa, Japan

    Hi, great forum you have here with a lot of useful info. just picked up a S15 spec R for 880,000y at a place near where i live. came with Enkei ES tarmacs, Buddy club coilovers, blitz exhaust, intercooler and filter, unknown body kit (sides are factory), bride reclining bucket and defi meters...
  19. S

    Spark Plug Gaps

    I have searched the site but no conclusive answer. What I would like to know is what gap should I be running, the car is at 1.15bar and has been mapped. I currently have a gap of .75 (as they came) but have heard/read that .9 (nissan standard?) and even 1.00 should be used. I am using NGK...
  20. M

    Touge Distribution EU (And Worldwide) Suppliers of Nismo, OEM, Blitz, etc etc

    Hi guys, First post as a Trader! For those who don't know us, check out our website We have other domains that deal with the rest of the world..but I'm the EU guy! We are able to source virtually any part from Japan. All the prices on the EU site are...