1. N

    Kyb agx?

    Hi guys, Recently bought my 15 and the woman told me it was standard suspension, when i looked over ive found it to be KYB AGX? These any good? its not sitting low enough for my liking anyone have any opinions with these shocks with eibach springs or something? Cheers! :nod:
  2. J

    hi newbie from sittingbourne

    hi have been a member for while now but had to much going on to focus on rebuilding my car just started, but i have a little problem and would appreciate any help. ther is a bottle like thing behind passenger headlight it has like little bit of coal in bottom its black and has 2 pipes coming...
  3. T

    Speaker placement

    I have a set of Genesis 6.5" components and a DSL amp which i had previously had installed in my s13. I am considering putting them in the s15 as they are wasted just sitting in my room. The only thing that concerned me was the placement of the tweeters and the crossover. Does anybody have...
  4. Fruitbooter

    Rear bumper on this S15

    Now this picture below is a photoshop but what I want to know the rear bumper a ps or can you actualy get these? Or does it look like a custom job on the standard non aero one? It looks fantastic sitting like that and the rear bumper just sets it off for me! Im also liking S15's with...
  5. M

    FS: Alpine 4 Channel Amp

    Alpine V series 4 channel Amp. Had this sitting as one of those "il use it someday" items. but being honest, my days of bangin tunes and sitting around with the boys and girls are over LOL! i really will not use it! dam good amp - £75 delivered???
  6. C

    FS: Standard S15 space-saver spare wheel

    It's in near perfect condition, doesn't look like it's ever been driven on, just has worn paint where the wooden boot floor had rubbed on it. I would keep it but it doesn't fit over my brakes and has been sitting in my garage for months. £20+delivery
  7. B

    little problem im having with the car..

    my car idles at about 2 revs when cold.. thats fine.. when its warm it idles at just under 1... however when sitting still at lights etc.. it shudders every few seconds... there is no loss of power.. now i just noticed it has a decat and also i put octane booster in it... the car was sitting up...
  8. N

    Camber Pollow Top For S15, do i need them

    hey guys,, just wanted to know for my getting the tein super street with out top on them.. the guy said i can use the existing one on the car..... is that true? or do i need the camper pillow.. i just called up fulcrum and asked them if i need the camber top they said i will for the...
  9. Nicely

    Must-have sitting room accessory

    This is absolute class... :D :notworthy:
  10. J

    If you have a set of RAYS please read :-)

    Hi, I'm in the process of ordering a set of Gramlight 57pros. They're paid for but I'm really concerned about getting the sizes right. If you have a pair of RAYS on your car can you please post pictures of your front and rear arches clearly showing where the wheels sit in relation to the...