1. willy s15

    FS: skyline r33 front set brakes 4pot

    hey to all i have front alloy brake set with rotors from r33 skyline -sumitomo brake 4pot calipers with pads in the middle only thing need is a good clean is quite dirty -brembo rotors 320x30 in great shape -price for set is 350euro plus fee and ship it to anywhere i can load some pics on...
  2. J

    WTB: S15 seatbelt

    Hello I'm looking for a S15 seatbelt drivers side, I already tried a skyline seatbelt it fits but I can't pull out the seatbelt. Does anyone has a seatbelt drivers side of a S15? Please let me know, I really need one...
  3. B

    FS: Skyline R33 front brakes

    Skyline R33 gts-t front brake setup Pr of calipers removed from fresh import car with 42000miles Pr of DBA4000 performance grooved discs, as new Set of good Ferodo DS2500 pads Pr of brake hoses Sale due to upgrade to K Sport 8 pot kit Discs and pads alone were £480 new from RB Motorsport All in...
  4. O

    i have to brag somewhere.

    well i just have to say, mybuddy just got his 92 skyline gt-r up and runnin again last night. so we decided to go for a ride, well long story short we decided to run em, so we lined up and ran. now i would think that a 450hp skyline sittin beside a 01 spec-r jp version with nothin more then...
  5. J

    FS: Skyline r33 brembo rear brake set up

    as above :) the set up includes discs, calipers, pads, shoes, backplates and skyline handbrake cables. perfect upgrade for s14, s15 etc.... £300 for the lot. thanks
  6. Parky

    Respray colour ideas...?

    My plan for next year is to to kill two birds with one stone and upgrade my bodykit to a Vertex Edge kit and get a full respray, just struggling to narrow down colours! I did a few photoshop jobbies last night and like the maroon and dark grey, not convinced on the blue, and I've seen a skyline...
  7. A

    WTB: Skyline GT-R34 alloy wheel centre caps

    Anyone got any knocking around? :D I will ask on the skyline owners club too!
  8. JDM_virgin

    Brake modification

    I know most of you on here run skyline brake setups or k sports (or something similar), but I was wondering if anyone had spaced out the stock calipers in order to fit bigger rotors. I cant really justify an expensive brake upgrade as wont be using the car on track but I do want sharper brakes...
  9. N

    Some mad plans from Germany ;)

    Hi there, my Name is Alex and I'm from Germany, near Stuttgart. You may know that city ;) I'm 25 and I already owned a matte black S14 kouki and lastly a Skyline R34 GTT. Sadly the Skyline burned down in a garage fire leaving nothing but the RB25, gearbox and the whole subframe which I'm gonna...
  10. Nissan_S15

    Paul Walker Official Tribute Video - Created By Fellow Cast Members & Universal

    Today they launched Paul Walker's Official Tribute Video, which was Created By Fellow Cast Members & Universal studios. Really something brilliant that they have put together here, enjoy:
  11. S15_SAM

    Broken Nismo 2 way what's snapped?

    Hey guys. Just broken down and got recovered! Total nightmare as I was on my way back from a wedding with a full car! Just got back now, after getting it back to my garage. It's COLDDDDDD tonight!!!! basically was slowly coming into a roundabout, changed down gears then thud, lost all drive and...
  12. Jay-pan

    Track rods and ends.

    Well my track rod is bent, so going to replace the track rod and ends. But before i do i have read in a thread that the skyline ones are an exact fit just thicker and stronger. Is this true and what skyline ones? i have seen the Tein ones which are my next point of call.
  13. s15Irl

    Meet the family! (cars of course)

    About 6months ago this is what the family looked like: R33 GTST Skyline S14A 200sx TRD SPORTS M ceilca (Limited Edition #379 of 1200) EP1 Civic full Type R replica EP71 starlet Now after a few changes: R34 GT 4door skyline (will shortly be undergoing a turbo conversion) S14A 200sx (still)...
  14. vinnie

    Sumopower Tour with the Skyline owners club

    I went along the Skyline club to Sumopower on the 29/1 Great day out, the weather was just super cold. The complex is just crazy, they even make engine parts. The owner was cool and we did the tour in about an hour. I did my best with pics lol. At the end they even started up the GTR GT1 car...
  15. I

    Sorry guys...

    ... even though I do really like the S15, I simply cannot afford to get one, just simply the cost of the car. So after doing some research and thinking, I have decided to go for a Skyline R34. :) Thanks for the warm welcome and the offer of meeting up with a member also! Might have to come...
  16. Y

    Hi from Milton Keynes, UK

    Hey all, I've been oooming and ahhing for ages now to decide what RWD car to get that has to have either a turbo, or a V6 engine... that leaves my choices with S15 Spec R Skyline R34 GTT Or (personal fave) Nissan 350Z GT This is coming from a race prepped Honda Integra DC5 Type R owner so...
  17. TriniGT

    Skyline Front Hub Offset Comparison

    Is the offset/width on a GTS/GTT skyline front hub the same as that of a Silvia and are they interchangable? I am trying to look at an option that allows my GTR wheel to clear the coilovers and at the same time not stick out so much due to a spacer. I am running HSD CS2 Coilovers with Silvia...
  18. AllanOrr

    Skyline Nismo AFM

    Now I know there will be someone out there saying this should be in the electrical section but I though its more to do with the engine :wack: I was looking on Driftworks and seen a Skyline with a Z32 AFM fitted to it now I am wondering if these Nismo Units will fit onto our cars...or if there...
  19. pegliobaglio

    skyline diff

    Just wondered if anyone had heard of people doing a conversion using a skyline diff? I went to get my 2 way taken out today and have a helical built in as it was doing my head in ,it turns out I had a nismo 2 way from a skyline in it? Thought this was a bit strange just wondered if anyone had...
  20. B

    skyline radio adapter?

    hi there, i want to install my: - greddy remote control for suspension - egt gauge - ikeya shifter gear indicator i dont want to cut into my cockpit harness. so i try to find a radio adapter, where i can install the 3x pcs. is the radio adapter for skyline the same? can´t find a s15 silvia...